Grey’s Anatomy Review: The Push Before The 300th Episode

Grey's Anatomy

Much like the writers of Grey’s Anatomy, the doctors have not run out of creative juices. They are done with the trauma, sadness, and upheaval of the last few years. It’s been said many times before, but this time it truly feels like everyone is moving on to bigger and better things. People are getting innovative, people are challenging the status quo, and people are standing up for what they want. A change is coming, and it feels good. Not bad for episode 299.

Meredith and Jackson in particular are getting creative with medicine. Meredith is driven by the loss of a patient and her Harper Avery nomination, while Jackson is driven by the exorbitant amount of money his grandfather left him. And boredom. Actually, especiThey’re both at the top of their fields. Others might peak there, but when you have the resources and you have the drive, it’s kind of a waste not to ask what more you can accomplish. Luckily, we have a new crop of interns for them to inspire (though one will be distracted by her history with DeLuca).

For those who love the Amelia and Owen pairing, sorry to say they seem to be moving on from each other. No hurt feelings, no drama, just a clean break back to friendship. Their choice in rebounds is a little questionable, but could be worse.

Ben finally admitted to the boy’s group that he got into the Firefighter’s Academy. I’m inclined to agree with Jackson. Let us give our condolences to Ben Warren, because he is going to be stone cold dead when Miranda Bailey finds out what he has done. I exaggerate. He won’t die. The same cannot be certain for Jo. All the respect in the world to her for choosing to divorce her husband. It doesn’t come without its risks, the main one being that her husband could actually come and kill her. Matthew Morrison may be known for playing the lovable guy, but make no mistake. He is 100% capable of being terrifying. Whether or not she becomes Chief Resident will be the least of Jo’s worries.

As for the case of the week picked up in the ER, I have no words to describe the level of stupidity people are capable of. Ladies, and gentlemen, treat your bodies as temples. Don’t put things in them that don’t belong. Like Arizona, I almost wanted to shake that young girl with the gun in her, ahem, area, and say “Have some respect for yourself woman!”

Next week Grey’s Anatomy marks its 300th episode. Are the doctor’s journies ahead shaping up to be all that they should be?

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