Spoiler-Free Fall Preview: Grey’s Anatomy S6 Premiere

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Welcome to a spoiler-free preview of the 2-episode Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 premiere, “Good Mourning” and “Goodbye.”

As you get ready for the return of Grey’s, I have one piece of advice: tissues. You will need them on more than one occasion; be prepared on Thursday, September 24 when the series returns to ABC. If there is one area that the writers and producers of Grey’s have mastered, it is the ability to reduce even the most stubborn viewer to tears. The emotional resonance is undeniable.

Season 6 kicks off right where Season 5 ended, as the Seattle Grace team fights to save the lives of fellow doctors George O’Malley and Izzie Stevens. The title of the first episode (“Good Mourning”) obviously indicates that someone passes away, and accurately describes how George and Izzie’s friends and loved ones react to the tragedy. The second episode (“Goodbye”) takes place after an undisclosed amount of time has passed, and examines the ramifications of that person’s death on the lives, careers and relationships of their co-workers.

In addition to the always stellar Chandra Wilson as Bailey, the heart and soul of the hospital, Sara Ramirez really shines through in the season premiere; she brings a depth to Callie that I’m thrilled they have finally allowed the very talented Ramirez to unlock and explore.


X-Files fans, you will be pleased to know that Mitch Pileggi (Assistant Director Walter Skinner) makes another appearance on the show. And there is a patient in the premiere who can only be described as a doppelganger for a young Nicole Kidman.

This is Grey’s Anatomy, so of course they manage to intermingle the usual elements throughout these two hours; sex, ill-timed humor, awkward glances and uncomfortable silences, missing limbs and heartbreaking confessions.

Overall, I was impressed and touched by the strength of these episodes, and give the 2-hour Grey’s Anatomy S6 premiere a strong B+.

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