Grimm 1.17 “Love Sick” Review

GrimmHow much is too much information to reveal in a single episode of television? It’s a question that has no clear answer, particularly in the world of genre shows like Grimm, and a question that can make or break the run of your series. If you don’t give the audience enough answers on a regular basis, they may feel strung along and bail, but if you go too far with the twists and the unraveling without having a clear plan, you can lose your vision in the need for flash and drive viewers away due to a clear lack of direction. It’s a delicate balance that varies on a show-by-show basis, but in general, the series has to have sufficient forward momentum with engaging enough characters and situations to offset a “slower” period of plot development.

“Love Sick” allowed the proverbial rabbit to catch up to the carrot it’s been chasing, as Grimm clued us in a little on what the deal is with Adalind, Renard, and those big ol’ cookies from last week. And in doing so, it went back to the pilot for inspiration; the key that Aunt Marie gave Nick after she got shot is highly sought after by the Wesen, though it’s unclear just what it opens and the potential ramifications of opening what it’s intended to. The past several episodes have hinted at something larger going on in the Wesen world, likely due to Nick’s increased presence in their affairs, and the show gave out just enough information tonight to keep me curious about what the key’s value truly is. It’s enough to make Renard, extremely cold and calculated, double cross Adalind and kill a member of his family, so it has to be something that could drastically shift the balance of power between the Grimm and the Wesen. The danger that Nick has been facing, increasing once word of his lineage and prowess got around, just got amplified 100-fold, another good thing going forward for Grimm. Every remotely evil or bad-intentioned Wesen is going to be coming after that key, so if Nick had any hope of remaining in the shadows to anyone outside of Portland, he just put a giant red X on his back.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the amount of action sequences on the show increases, as well, but if we get a glimpse at all the alliances vying for the key and all the machinations of Wesen politics, I’ll be more than happy.

GrimmWith the key, Grimm gave itself something to focus on, which can allow them room to play with the serial elements and tighten up the episodes from here on out. Nick had mostly been drifting in the wind away from the cases he works, trying to keep both of his identities hidden and himself off the map. Watching the hero test his legs and reconcile everything is good and all, but now that he’s kind of got his wits about him, it’s time for the story to evolve and for Nick to assert himself and his Grimm abilities. The key will give him an objective and something to work toward, which can help keep the pace of the show up and allow him to use both his detective and Grimm skill sets. It’s a way to assess how well he can integrate each part of himself, particularly since he’ll be encountering those he only knows in one world in the other.

“Love Sick” introduced the concept that a Wesen can lose their powers, as Adalind was stripped of her hexenbiest abilities once she tasted Nick’s blood. It may not seem like much, but like the hunt for the key, this is a little wrinkle that could turn into something pretty fun going forward. Until now, I had assumed that the “condition” they had was hereditary and not able to be changed, but the possibility of losing your power could pose interesting dilemmas for Nick and company. Of course, tonight’s example only happened due to the special circumstance of Adalind using the spell on Hank, but who’s to say that it’s the only way something like this could happen? Are there former creatures walking the Earth and how do they feel about their lack of power? Could Monroe have to make a choice about his power soon? This could be a weapon for Nick and company to use against particularly savage creatures; I mean, Adalind went from arrogant and violent with her power to a scared little girl without it, so stripping powers could get rid of threats and, oddly, give a little humanity to those that had repressed their own.

Grimm produced a pretty solid episode in “Love Sick”, giving us just a tiny taste of the goings-on in the Wesen world. While we’ve been with Nick learning about his abilities, word has been going around about the last remaining Burkhardt and the threat that he poses to the creatures. The fact that high ranking royalty like Renard are coming for Nick and the key makes the final five episodes of season one that much more tense; Renard has to maneuver without letting Nick know he’s onto him and Nick has to protect both himself and the key from the entire Wesen world that’s in on the whereabouts of the key. Nick Burkhardt thought he had lived out of the scope of the creatures of the night, but it looks like the light has been shining on him this whole time.

Thoughts, Quotes, & Observations:
-“My butt is on its way.”
-“You have the smell of violence.”
-“Gentlemen. And you two, as well.”
-The whole “Wu eats nickels and buttons” subplot was a little silly, but I’m glad that they’re getting him more involved in the action, aside from random lines at the crime scenes.
-The reveal that the older lady Renard had been talking to was Adalind’s mother was probably my favorite moment of the episode. Unexpected but delicious.
-Renard’s name is Sean. Did we know that? Or no?
-Nick complaining about all the complicated German from Monroe felt like a little wink to internet commenters and TV critics.
-Silas Weir Mitchell talked to Collider about playing Monroe, the make-up process involved in wolf transformation, and his favorite episode of the season.
-Want to go to Comic-Con? Enter the Grimm sweepstakes and you just might be able to.
-Next week on Grimm: Nick’s duties as a detective and Grimm conflict when Monroe and Rosalee harbor a criminal he’s after. But could there be somebody else after the same man?

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