Guy Brings Old Pokemon Cards Back To Life By Repainting Them

You obviously don’t need me to tell you how popular the Pokemon Universe is.  Personally I think it’s just a matter of time before somehow and in some way, Pokemon invades politics and our entire culture is based on some kind of Pokemon policy.  But until that time we are left with the games, shows, collectibles and all the other fun stuff in the Pokemon Universe.  Speaking of which I just came across this gem today. There’s a guy out there who goes by the internet handle Lunumbra who has a very special talent.  According to him, here’s what he does:

I take old, damaged Pokemon cards and alter them with acrylic paints to breathe new life into them. I have redone cards that people have had with them for nearly two decades (the original cards came out in 1999) that were severely damaged with wrinkles or scratches. There are some cards that I have done to have a combined background that continues across all the cards (see examples below) so that the person and, on most occasions their significant other, can have two halves of the same work. I’ve worked with clients who have had their groomsmen’s favorite cards painted for gifts and parents who are handing down their old cards to their children and request I make them a little more colorful.

I have no idea what the value of some of these works are, but if you are into Pokemon cards you’ll know these are more than just collectibles.  These are investments.  I would have to imagine these original works could probably fetch a pretty penny.

Take a look at Lunumbra’s work below.

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