Guy Builds a Legend of Zelda Barrel Arcade Machine

Remember those awesome cocktail table Pacman games from back in the day?  I used to play those as a kid whenever I saw one.  They usually appeared randomly in places like a diner while my family was driving really far to go on a trip.  Honestly they would just show up out of nowhere and I had to play them.  The other game on the system was Galaga.  I was always more fond of Pacman but just the experience of getting to sit down to play one of these things was such a treat.

Speaking of treats, I just came across this beauty of a photo.  Unfortunately there’s not much information other than this photo and a brief description but think about the Pacman tables only make it Legend of Zelda instead.  Yup.   Here’s some brief detail on how this was made:

Finished product. Raspberry pi 3 running retro pi. It has a simple hdmi splitter and 2 tilted screens for 2 player. I found an awesome quality link to the past poster on eBay and that was just enough to finish the graphics. Barrel finish is polyshades min wax, steel rings are spray painted dark walnut with clear coat.

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