Guy Completes Super Mario Bros Run In the Most Boring Way Possible

To this day I love me a good video game run.  It’s fun to watch people record just how quickly and successfully they can get through a video game.  When it comes to old school games I’ll almost always tune in to see what people are up to.  Today I came across a video of a guy who completely Super Mario Bros on the NES.  There’s nothing abnormal about that.  However the way in which he beat the game was so boring that I had to share it with you.

I respect his method of winning but I happen to think it’s incredibly boring.  But it’s nice to see that a game created over 30 years ago is still challenging people.  Or rather we’re challenging ourselves to come up with new way to beat the game.   This is called the “Pacifist Run”

The Pacifist Run has a simple set of rules that makes the game incredibly more complicated! The rules are:

  • No Coins
  • No Kills (excluding Bowser)
  • No Items

YouTuber Nintendo Unity has completed the run within the given three lives.  Watch below:

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