The Guy Who Got Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Old Phone Number

It turns out a guy in Seattle managed to get Sir Mix-a-lot’s old phone number when was assigned a new one. It wasn’t too long until he started getting strange texts and pictures from women in bikinis that he suspected something was up. However the occurrence that finally clued him in to what was happening came when people started texting him to have a happy birthday and referenced Baby Got Back, Mix-a-lot’s hit song from 1992. It was then that he realized that he had the rapper’s old number, but instead of changing it he kept the number even though the messages were ongoing.

Sir Mix-a-lot caught wind of this and was more supportive than anything, claiming that if the man, who was a law student at the time, was going to become a lawyer then he could flip through the texts and possibly find some clients. And as to the pictures of bikini-clad women he could always forward those to Mix-a-lot to relieve the stress of receiving them. A lot of people might have discontinued the number and gotten a new one but since this was his choice, he wanted a number that was easy to remember, he decided to live with it. It could be worse, they could have given him Kurt Cobain’s old number. Odd as it sounds somebody might have paid him big money for it.

I can just imagine what kind of texts the guy has been getting for the last year, though some of them were bound to be funny and even highly amusing. I wonder if he reads them or just chucks them as being useless to him. As Mix-a-lot said they might be useful if he’s going into law. The clients he might find could keep him busy for a while if they’re the type that need help now and again. As to the women in bikinis, I can see them being a problem if he has a girlfriend or a wife and she catches sight of them. That might raise a few warning flags right there and make life a little bit difficult. But if he’s already got the rapper’s support in this, if it’s serious, then he should be able to explain it away without any real difficulty.

I do wonder how this happens. It’s easy to understand that numbers, which are really data used in a different manner, are constantly getting recycled, but I would almost think that a phone number might be dismantled and recycled somehow. That sounds a lot more nonsensical thinking it in my head now that I really stop and think about it, especially since getting someone else’s old phone number is nothing new. I’ve been called a number of times by people I don’t know looking for someone that doesn’t have this current number any longer. What I wonder about is whether those old numbers are stored and randomly released after a certain period of time. This could explain why people that call the number are so confused since they didn’t know that the person changed their number a while back.

It’d be interesting to know how phone numbers are handed out.

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