Guy Sets Plinko Record on “The Price is Right” and Goes Berserk

I have plenty of goals in life but if I had to take a guess, after watching the video you are about to see, this guy Ryan here only had one:  to set the Plinko record.  Honestly there’s no other explanation from his outrageous reaction other than every single waking moment of this guy’s life has been dedicated to shattering the Plinko record on The Price is Right.   Here’s how it all went down.

It all started when he bid $1 in the first round, screaming out how excited he was to bid one dollar on as if he was living out a lifelong dream (which I’m now 100% convinced he was).   After that, Ryan kept the enthusiasm going on his way to hitting $10,000 three times (which is unheard of) while playing Plinko.   This feat wound up being a record-setting round of Plinko, netting Ryan a total of $31,500. Naturally, Plinko immediately started trending on Twitter as the world reacted to Ryan’s enthusiasm on The Price is Right.

To say that his reaction was a little crazy is 100% the understatement of the year.  Just watch this guy.

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