10 Things You Didn’t Know about Halle Bailey

Halley Bailey isn’t exactly a new talent but she’s new enough that a lot of people might not know a lot about her at this time. The fact is that she’s going to be well-known in a short time for one thing in particular even though she and her sister have been pushing their music now for a little while and have done quite well for themselves. Both of them have been doing their thing for years and are at the level where a lot of people are hoping to be after several years of hard work, making it kind of frustrating to think that some people just get that lucky, but also uplifting to see that talent and skill along with hard work are still enough to get a person to where they want to be. How successful she’s going to be in the future seems to hang on just how long she can keep up her beautiful voice and whether or not a single upcoming role will be loved or highly criticized when all is said and done.

Here are a few things about Halle you might not have known.

10. Her social media presence is still growing.

As she’s still coming in the business her followers on social media still aren’t topping over ten thousand but are likely to keep climbing since she’s already proven to be rather popular with some individuals and she’s bound to get bigger as time goes on.

9. She’s one of Beyonce’s proteges.

Apparently she and her sister met the pop singer when they were 2 and 4 and have had a lot of interaction with her over the years. When you have someone like this willing tutor and teach you how to operate in the business and how to sing it’s not hard to see how a person might try their very best every single time.

8. Halle and her sister sang at the most recent Superbowl.

Sadly they were probably one of the best parts of the entire game since their singing was heard loud and proud throughout stadium and did credit to the song as people are always glad to hear a pleasing voice at such events. The game was a dumpster fire though.

7. She and her sister are nearly inseparable.

They tend to do just about everything together and have been mistaken as twins in the past, though Halle is two years younger than her sister Chloe. At this stage in their lives they do look roughly the same age however so it’s an easy mistake to make.

6. Halle and her sister write and produce their own songs.

This seems likely to be another bit of influence by Beyonce as the idea of them creating their own songs isn’t hard to fathom but the hard work and effort put into everything could be at least partly due to the singer’s influence.

5. She’s currently 19 years old.

To be this famous and still be this young is something that a lot of people would love to experience in life but to be honest it has to be a lot of pressure as well. So far though she’s done quite well as it seems that she has a great support group including her sister and others to lean on when she really needs to.

4. As of now her net worth is under review.

There’s not much of an idea what she’s worth at the moment but she and her sister do make their living singing and acting as well as from appearances now and again, so it’s fair to say that they’re worth quite a bit together, though it doesn’t indicate what they might be worth apart.

3. Yes, she is going to be Ariel in the live-action version of The Little Mermaid.

Sandy Schaefer of ScreenRant gives her own opinion of how things are going to go when Bailey lights up the screen as Ariel in The Little Mermaid live action movie, but as you might expect there’s been some jawing on both sides of the line in this matter. Honestly it’s kind of a surprise but if she can act the part then so be it.

2. There’s not a lot out there about her education at this time.

She did graduate high school, but after that there’s not a lot of information out there on Halle and it’s not too hard to believe since it might be that she’s not thinking of attending college at this time as her career is really taking off and it could be a distraction. But then again maybe more information will come in eventually and people that want to know will be satisfied.

1. As of right now she’s more focused on her career than her love life.

Considering that she’s a grown woman this is a rather mature and smart outlook on things as there’s no need to rush into a relationship at this point.

She might do very well as Ariel, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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