Halle Berry’s “Catwoman” Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

It’s funny that this should come out yesterday because I literally wrote an article questioning how Wonder Woman empowers women.   I argued and still argue that it’s sending the wrong message.   I feel as though it’s justifying women wearing skimpy outfits and it’s more than OK for them to be superheros as long as they’re hot.   That’s the argument in a nut shell.   By the way that’s not taking away from Wonder Woman being a quality movie (assuming it is which many are saying).  I’m simply saying the women’s empowerment seems to be a very flip floppy issue.

I bring up Wonder Woman because one movie that truly failed at pretty much everything with the exception of the lead character looking sexy is Halle Berry in Catwoman.     You wanna talk full attention to sexy character and zero to movie details and quality?  This is your movie.  Not even Michelle Pfeiffer could have saved this script and poor filming.   So it’s nice to see that the guys at Screenjunkies got to together to give this film the honest trailer treatment.  It was sorely needed.

Check it out below:

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