Halloween Fan Died Moments After Jamie Lee Curtis Officiated His Wedding

Laurie Strode

It’s a touching but saddening story at the same time for two horror fans that were engaged to be married in 2016 and finally tied the knot in September of 2020, with none other than scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis officiating over the phone. Anthony Woodle was diagnosed with esophageal cancer some time ago, proposed to his fiance Emilee on Halloween of all dates, as the two shared a love for horror movies, and was wed shortly before his passing, with Curtis offering her blessing and officiating service after it had been set up in a very special manner. The special nature of this wedding wasn’t missed by anyone that happened to find out about it, and the sadness is offset in a big way by the fact that Anthony and Emilee managed to spend enough time together to enjoy each other’s company and to share in something special. It’s not every day that fans of the movies get to hear from one of their favorite stars and this was pretty special. It does show that for all the cynicism that can be and is often held about celebrities, they do have a heart and are willing to show it now and again when a special moment arrives. The one thing that any celebrity should be made to remember, no matter how this lesson needs to be repeated, is that the fans make their career worthwhile since it’s the fans that make them popular in the first place.

Fans are a big part of what makes the entertainment industry work since if there were no fans then the entertainment industry would be kind of pointless. Trying to imaging that is kind of tough, isn’t it? Movies, TV, music, books, anything that people produce that other people like to enjoy, if the fans didn’t exist and had no interest in anything that other people did, there would be no point to any of it. That’s why those that live and thrive in the entertainment industry, and therefore in the public eye, sometimes need to be reminded that they serve a greater purpose than to line their own pockets, they serve to entertain those that are willing to watch, listen, and otherwise be entertained by them. The perception that’s given, that many celebrities believe themselves to be above it all an not beholden to their fans, is a popular one since it does appear at times that they don’t really care about those that are paying out more money than they can afford really care one wit about them, but while moments such as this would appear to be times when people can come together, there are still bound to be those that will remain skeptical and state that Curtis was probably being paid to do this and that’s why she bothered.

There is a time to lay down the cynicism and remind yourself that celebrities are still people and no matter how some of them act at times they are still fallible, and still very capable of human emotion. It feels vulgar in a very pointed way to suggest that Curtis, who doesn’t need the money, would demand payment for officiating a wedding of all things, especially after learning how big of a fan Anthony was and that he only had a short time until cancer took him. Those that are so jaded as to think that she would need to be coerced by a paycheck to make this happen are often those that believe that celebrities have a price tag affixed to everything they do. There might be some measure of truth to this in the case of several individuals, but if anyone had caught wind of something such as this it can only be assumed that Curtis would have caught a lot of hell for the audacity of the mere thought that went into asking for money to officiate such a wedding. Thankfully that’s not the case since many celebrities still manage to find the time every now and then to find a way to pay their respects to the fans that help to make them as popular as they are. This is how it needs to be in essence since as great as they’ve become, many stars wouldn’t have this if not for the dedication and perseverance on their part, and the adoration and support on the part of the fans that support them.

It feels safe to state that some people will continue to defend the celebrities of this world no matter what they say or do, while some might continue to be skeptical of them. One thing is clear throughout all of it, the fans need the celebrities in order to have something to aspire to and enjoy, and the celebrities need the fans in order to have a reason to exist in the worlds they help to create.

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