Happy Valentine’s Day, From Fringe Via FoxBroadcasting

Regardless of how much we are all on the edge of our seats awaiting a fourth season pickup of Fringe (frankly, my butt is sore from perching here, waiting), you have to hand it to FoxBroadcasting for the little nuggets they send our way. Someone took the time to put together this awesome video featuring Fauxlivia, Frank (oh my beloved Frank) and some hot n heavy Fauxlivia/Peter kissing scenes to send us this special wish.

They’ve really picked up the advertising quotient this year, and they’ve been a real pleasure to watch. Surprising that the Valentine wish doesn’t come from our side of the universe, but considering how the last episode ended, I’d say this greeting drives home just how serious things have become with just a small reveal of a major setback for Olivia and Peter.

It also brings to light just how much fun the network can have with Fringe. Why on earth would they give up a show that provides them with so many possibilities…not only for storytelling but for advertising? I really think this should give us Fringies a ray of hope. If they have as much fun with the advertising as we do with the show in general then maybe it means they want us to keep as interested and as invested as we have been so they can continue to have their own fun.

Hey – I may be reaching just because I want Fringe to live on, but you can’t blame me for that, can you?

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