It’s Hard to Believe How Badly Acted These Movie Scenes Are

You know what can kill a movie quicker than a critic? Bad acting. If the actors aren’t up to snuff then it’s time to start over and do it again, preferably with someone that has at least a little bit of skill. Sometimes it’s just a scene, other times it’s the whole movie that felt the effect of a poorly acted role. Some actors have owned up to their horrible performances while others have simply slipped away into oblivion to never be heard from again. And then there are those that think the act of just burying those acts might make it all go away. Yeah, it’s called Youtube, and there’s a TON of scenes that are bad enough for commentary.

And here’s the commentary.

Judge Dredd

Stallone isn’t the worst offender on this list. His grammar and command of the English language is, at times, sketchy, but normally his acting is on point at least. The one thing you can give him is that he is a very effective action star that can at least belt out fifty percent of his lines without having to be dubbed.


Where to start? Elizabeth Berkeley shouldn’t even have been on Saved By the Bell she’s so horrible, but actually putting her in a movie proves that a pretty face and a nice body will get you almost anywhere at times. This movie was coveted by hormonal young teenage boys for all of two minutes until they got to the actual nudity.

The Wicker Man

Ever notice how Nicolas Cage just seems to act insanely crazy at the drop of a hat? The eyes start to twitch, the head leans to one side, and then he just goes nuts. And the yelling, oh man make the yelling stop. He’s supposed to be a smart person right? What happens when bees get agitated in a confined space? THEY STING THE HECK OUT OF YOU.

Star Wars II: The Clone Wars

I hate to admit it because I’m a huge Star Wars fan, but Hayden Christensen was not the right guy for this. There were so many other choices that could have been made and they went with him. Why Lucasfilm, why?

The Happening

Mark Wahlberg as a nice guy and a teacher. Um, no. He looked like was walking around in a daze for the entire film and his voice sounded like he was trying to talk down a child throwing a temper tantrum most of the time. This was just horrible.

Troll 2

So the first movie wasn’t bad enough? I know the acting was, but apparently it wasn’t so bad that they didn’t want to make another one. Sometimes the decisions made by Hollywood are just too much to be believed.

The Room

How much criticism can one movie take and still be a part of public memory? Well, we’re still finding that one out as The Room continues to get loads upon loads of criticism and scorn heaped upon it. This is an example of how bringing up a past wrong can make things continually worse.

Here’s to the actors that have crashed and burned, may you keep away from movies until you’ve taken an acting lesson.


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