Has Ahsoka Formed a New Jedi Order in Mandalorian Season 2?

As exciting as the next season of The Mandalorian is already looking to be, there’s bound to be tragedy on the horizon since otherwise, nothing that’s bound to come would make a lot of sense within the current canon. Unless Disney is really thinking of mucking about with time travel and dimensional travel, it won’t matter much if Ahsoka is building a new Jedi Order in the next season since the First Order and what’s left of the Empire would be looking to take it down. It is an interesting proposition since it would mean that the Togruta Jedi would have decided to return to her roots and form an order that might reflect the old one but seek to improve upon their iniquities so as to keep from making the same mistakes. But in a treacherous location such as the Unknown Regions, which has been implied and even stated, it’s likely that she would find a great deal of opposition. The animated series Rebels has shown that the Unknown Regions are a dangerous place and offer more threat than refuge to many and that Force-sensitives that are found to be so plentiful in the region are prized more for their ability to navigate the crazed section of space than for any philosophy that the Jedi might find important. Long story short, if Ahsoka is starting her own order then it will stand out in a big way and become a target before it’s ever firmly established.

Looking this far ahead is kind of a failing of many fans since a lot of us already know that tragedy is coming in the form of the First Order and their reign of terror, but on the way there it does feel as though those that remain are going to fight as hard as they can in order to secure a bright enough future to cling to that the Rebel Alliance won’t be drowned out for good. But the idea that the story is taking place after Return of the Jedi makes it clear that Luke Skywalker doesn’t know about Ahsoka or any other Jedi that might have escaped Order 66 when it was handed down. In fact, its almost as though the most recent trilogy didn’t want to vibe with Order 66 despite the fact that there was no other choice since the original trilogy and the prequels were fitted together in a very snug manner. Those Jedi that did escape the order are likely assumed to be dead and gone now or cut off from the Force, or possibly just laying low to try and avoid any undue notice from anyone that doesn’t care for Force users. But thus far the latest trilogy has made it pretty clear that Rey is the last, but it would be interesting to find that she was only the last Jedi that was known to exist, while there might still be many that are scattered across the galaxy and could be found if one was really wanting to do so.

One detail that many people are tripping on is the appearance of Sasha Banks since some want to believe that she’s playing the part of Sabine Wren, while other want to think that she’s an apprentice to Ahsoka, who we have yet to see in the trailer. If Ahsoka is forming her own Jedi Order or has already done so, then mention of Baby Yoda, aka The Child, would likely reach her at some point, meaning she might send out her students, or come herself, to see if the rumors are accurate. Unfortunately, she’s not going to be the only one and it’s not bound to be a pleasant meeting given that Din doesn’t trust Force users and sees them as enemy sorcerers based on the stories told of Mandalore and how the Mandalorians once went to war with the Jedi. The fact that a Mandalorian, when equipped and trained, can take down a Jedi if they know how to react and how to neutralize the Jedi in some way. In this particular case though it does feel that Din would be outclassed in a big way if he decided to go up against Ahsoka, largely because by this point and time she’ll have had plenty of training and has been a Force user for so long that it wouldn’t take much for her to fling Din about like a rag doll. Even hand to hand he wouldn’t stand much of a chance since Ahsoka is a seasoned fighter and, oh yes, she has two lightsabers that could only be stopped by his beskar armor, and only for so long. The only metal that would truly help Din to take on a Jedi’s lightsaber would be cortosis, since the metal shorts out the sabers energy. But however it happens, seeing Ahsoka is going to be a treat for many fans.

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