Hawaii Five-0 Review: Who Has a Secret Daughter?

Hawaii Five-0

We’re nearing the end of season six of Hawaii Five-0, and what would our time in Oahu be without a few last minute shockers? Ahead of next week’s two-hour season finale what started out as any other case turned extremely personal for one member of Five-0. Last season’s finale revealed a whopper of a paternity secret, but that wasn’t nearly as shocking as who was revealed to be a father in this week’s penultimate episode.

First, a brief introduction to the intertwined B-story. You’ll recall that Gerard Hirsch now works as crime scene clean-up, which is the literal definition of cleaning up his act since his early interactions with Five-0. He arrives at a crime scene Five-0 was investigating the death of a single mother named Vanessa Diaz, who had recently moved to the island from Mexico. While cleaning up the crime scene Hirsch accidentally stumbles upon a secret panic room in the house where he is accosted by the man inside it. Because the man has seen Hirsch’s face, Kono is assigned to be his protective detail. Hirsch still harbors a huge crush on her, so he does a little innocent wining and dining. He also exaggerates a bit to his father (guest star Elliot Gould) about how he helps Five-0 with cases. Kono plays along so that Hirsch’s father won’t be disappointed in him. Hirsch’s father Emile actually knows the truth about his son’s criminal history, and he secretly asks Kono to look out for his son. Which is why later in the episode Kono teaches Hirsch how to surf.

In the meantime Five-0 works on the theory that the man in the safe room was a thief. They eventually realize through DNA evidence that he wasn’t the one who attacked Vanessa. When they finally find him, he in fact confirms that he tried to save her after she was attacked. Vanessa’s real attacker is Jimmy Bregante, who has ties to Michelle Shioma. Five-0 is all too familiar with her power moves given the hit she recently ordered on Adam.

Vanessa’s daughter Sara is eventually brought to the police station when she tells the police she has an uncle in the police department. Chin is shocked to learn he is in fact Sara’s uncle, by his marriage to Malia. Which means that Sara is Gabriel’s daughter. Yeah, raise your hand if you saw that one coming! Suddenly it makes perfect sense why Michelle Shioma would target Vanessa. Because she was his wife, she would know where Gabriel is.

Over the years we’ve heard bits about the large family Chin and Kono have. We’ve been introduced to various family members, some of whom the cousins would soon forget about. This has never been more true than of Gabriel Waincroft. Chin’s brother-in-law has been a plague to Chin’s life and the state of Hawaii in general. This year he has taken steps to become the most powerful crime lord in the islands, even if it meant shooting down the rest of the competition. Michelle won’t rest until she’s gotten her revenge on Gabriel for killing her father, even if it means using Sara as leverage. Chin is determined to protect Sara until Vanessa’s killer is brought to justice. Sara is kidnapped en route to the safe house, and Chin takes two bullets in his efforts to save his niece.

Not even that could stop Chin from saving Sara. Five-0 works together to dispatch the armed men surrounding Sara. Unfortunately that also includes Bregante, who was the only person who could have turned on Shioma. Who doesn’t love a happy ending though? Sara’s safety is the most important thing. She may have lost her mother, but she has gained an uncle who will do whatever it takes to love and protect her.

What will happen to Sara now? Will Gabriel reclaim his child despite the dangerous life he leads, or will Sara stay with her newfound uncle?

Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Episode 23 Review: "Pilina Koko (Blood Ties)"


The penultimate episode of Hawaii Five-0‘s sixth season reveals a shocking paternity secret.

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