HBO Max Wins Streaming Rights to The Big Bang Theory

The streaming wars are still on in full and HBO just gained a great advantage even if it won’t seem that way in the long run. Rebecca Vanacker of ScreenRant is one of the many that has noted that HBO has taken on The Big Bang Theory as one of its streaming shows that was purchased for an untold sum that had to have been substantial given that other streaming networks might have been eyeballing the show for a while. When you think about it the show is something that would do any network a great deal of good since it’s been one of the most loved shows for a while now and is bound to be missed from regular TV for some time. The great thing about streaming however is that as long as it’s kept on the network people can watch it any time they want.

Anyone remember back in the day when we had to either wait for reruns or tape our favorite shows, commercials and all, so that we were able to watch them? Those times seem long gone now since box sets and new and exciting methods by which to watch said shows have come along. Streaming is just another method that has gained a great deal of popularity since all it requires is a subscription and a capable device to watch one’s favorite shows and movies on. The Big Bang Theory is one of the many shows that’s come along in a time when technology has hit a definite high point in that it allows people to watch what they want when they want and without commercials in some cases. There are plenty of people, believe it or not, that didn’t care for the show, but even they have to admit that the numbers were staggering at times when it came to just how many people followed the show and enjoyed each new story that came along.

Sheldon is a bit much to take but somehow he managed to acquire a rousing fan base while the other characters, Penny and Leonard especially tended to garner a great deal of attention from the viewers. It’s not too hard to buy since any character that was able to put up with Sheldon was bound to be seen as one of the most patient people in the world given that Sheldon is a bit much to take. Saim Cheeda of ScreenRant gives a few reasons why it was so hard to like Sheldon at times, even if people took to liking him in droves after a while. Jim Parsons came upon a character that was absolutely perfect when it came to being a social mess and yet a complete genius at the same time, as Sheldon has never really been the guy that fit into any situation unless it was one that happened to be specifically tailored to his needs, wants, and desires. Anything else just seems to make him entirely uncomfortable and ready to run away at times or, when he can’t do this, make life as miserable for those around in an attempt to convey just how out of sorts he really is. That’s a bit simplistic really and he’s certainly not the only individual in the show with their share of hang-ups, but he’s definitely one of the most noticeable.

At one time in history HBO seemed like the absolute king of networks as it was a point of pride to say ‘oh yeah, we’ve got HBO’. Throughout the years that prestige kind of faded and wore off after a while, but HBO has been doing its best to maintain a kind of presence within show business that can continue to impress those that are willing to continue watching. From hit movies to great shows it’s been one of the many channels that seems to have survived the years largely unscathed and ready to keep building as it’s featured some of the greatest shows ever made in recent years. Now that its streaming network is set to take on TBBT it would seem that things are only going to get better. To make things seem even more impressive Lesley Golberg of The Hollywood Reporter has stated that HBO Max has managed to secure the show for the next five years, so there’s no worry about TBBT leaving the network any time soon. That should widen a few eyes and smiles at the same time.

One thing about this show that a lot of people might not have understood is just how it managed to get so popular. Well, the formula is pretty simple despite the brainy way in which the show was run at times. There was plenty of material to balance out Sheldon and his buddies since had the show been just about them then it might have driven off a lot of viewers that don’t understand some of the geek-speak, as it’s been called, that goes on throughout the show. Thankfully Penny and a few others were there to tone things down and change the pace often enough to make it enjoyable.

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