HBO’s The Miraculous Year Lands Susan Sarandon

Oscar winner (and ping-pong bar owner) Susan Sarandon is joining the cast of HBO’s new pilot The Miraculous Year. The pilot centers on Terry Segal, a Broadway composer with a self-destructive streak, played by Tony Award winner Norbert Leo Butz (who also starred in the short-lived The Deep End as Rowdy). Produced by Oscarwinning director Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) and Tony Award winning playwright John Logan (Red), the series would follow Butz’s composer as he lives through a hectic year creatinga new musical, while dealing with a crazy family. Sarandon will play Patty Atwood, the director and choreographer of the musical Terry is writing.

Now, I’m a huge fan of Broadway, in general, so I was going to be interested in this show to begin with, simply because it deals with a subject I love. I also used to work on Broadway (you may have heard of the show), and my wife is currently performing in a Broadway show (you’ve probably heard of that one too), so I am intrigued by how they depict the creative process and backstage drama on the Great White Way. Lastly, with Sarandon enlisted for the pilot, the already impressive cast becomes even that much more incredible. Take a look at these names already attached to the series:

Norbert Leo Butz – Tony Award winner
Susan Sarandon – Academy Award winner, Tony Award nominee
Hope Davis – Emmy and Tony Award nominee
Frank Langella – Tony Award winner, Academy and Emmy Award nominee
Eddie Redmayne – Tony Award winner
Patti LuPone – Tony Award winner, Emmy Award nominee
Lee Pace – Emmy Award nominee
Linus Roache – Golden Globe Award nominee

Throw in a number of other very talented Broadway “names” and the producers’ pedigree (Bigelow is also directing the pilot), I can’t see how this won’t be picked up for a series.

Does this sound intriguing to you? Even if you’re not a Broadway fan, do the names involved and HBO’s involvement mean you’ll give it a try should it become a series? Please leave your comments below. Be sure to check out TVOvermind for more news on The Miraculous Year and all of your other television needs.

(Source: Michael Ausiello)

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