HBO Sets Season Premiere Dates for Boardwalk Empire and Treme

HBO has officially announced the fall season premiere dates for two critically acclaimed dramas. Prohibition drama and award favorite Boardwalk Empire will be the first to make its return from hiatus, premiering its third season on September 16th at 9:00. The following week on September 23rd, David Simon’s Treme has its fall debut, airing at 10:00. The show, which began each of its first two seasons in April, had been rumored to beginning its season on the 23rd or the 30th before today’s confirmation.

The timing of the announcement is quite appropriate, as Boardwalk Empire begins its full series replay tonight at 10:00, with one episode airing each week night through August. The show had a bit of a creative boom in the latter half of its second season, culminating in the death of a major character and a new dynamic coming to Atlantic City, which will make the third season an intriguing thing to behold. Where does Nucky Thompson go once he dispatches someone coming for his throne? More importantly, where does Boardwalk Empire?

Treme, meanwhile, will have been off the air for 14 months before its third season premiere airs, though the residents of New Orleans have been keeping on keeping on, hiatus or no hiatus. The second season finale saw some much needed forward progress, with homes being purchased, relationships being mended, and new beginnings being reached. You have to hope that the distance from the storm and the stability that this progress provides helps to keep them moving forward; there might be a lot of uncertainty in the city post-Katrina, but things are (very) slowly getting better and happiness is becoming well within reach.

Will you be watching either, both, or neither of Boardwalk Empire or Treme? Where do you think the shows will go next, considering Boardwalk Empire’s game changing finale and Treme’s real world focus? Do you think the two shows make a good fit together?

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