10 Things You Never Knew about Hellcat


There are heroes in the Marvel universe that are known to a lot of people but still don’t get quite as much play since they don’t always exist on the same level or acquire as many fans as others that have become legends in their own time. Hellcat is one of those since despite the impressive power set she possesses there is still a decided lack of knowledge about her that might cause many people to wonder just who she is if she were ever introduced to the big screen. You could argue that the same would go for some of the heroes that have been put on the big screen, but so far Hellcat hasn’t been one of those that the producers have seen fit to add. In terms of seeing her on screen though it might be just a matter of time until this heroine is seen cavorting with the others since she is kind of impressive when you really take a look at what she’s done.

Here are a few things about Hellcat you might not have known.

10. She grew up idolizing superheroes.

A lot of kids in the comics could be said to do this but a lot of them also go on to lead rather normal lives, or so we assume since the majority don’t get turned into superheroes and settle into a normal life that many people would recognize. Hellcat however was a fan since childhood and never let the dream of becoming one of them die.

9. The character grew up as a tomboy.

This vexed her mother to no end as her talent at modeling and other skills was something her mother always wanted her to excel at in order to be famous. But the young woman that would become Hellcat was just too wild and wanted to be free to do what she wanted most of the time, a sentiment that helped to make her the hero she became.

8. Patricia was always connected to fame in some way.

A lot of this was her mother’s doing since Patricia likely would have gone out seeking a way to become a hero at a young age had it been allowed. But she was raised for fame for a lot of her life and didn’t have much of a choice.

7. Her mother was constantly pressuring her to become famous.

This caused a rift between Patricia and her mother that made it necessary for her to find friends that she could be close to, people that wouldn’t demand too much from her or try to manipulate her into doing things she didn’t want to do.

6. She all but begged to become a superhero.

At one point she told Beast, when he was with the Avengers, that she wanted to become a superhero so bad that she was willing to do whatever it took. Beast of course thought she was nuts since the superhero life is anything but glamorous at times and can be quite dangerous.

5. Her powers grew as she continued along the hero path.

In truth the power she wields is because of the suit she wears, but the strength, durability, and agility it gives her is augmented slightly by the training she’s undergone throughout her life and is a serious add-on to her already formidable skill. Without the suit Patricia is a normal human for the most part, but with the suit she’s someone that can take on a wide assortment of enemies.

4. She’s battled some rather formidable enemies.

Hellcat has battled Dormammu if you can believe that thanks to the supernatural abilities she acquired during her career thanks to an item she picked up somewhere along the way that ended up giving her mystical abilities. She likely didn’t last too long, but to be able to go toe to toe with supernatural enemies is no small feat.

3. Eventually the Defenders took her in.

She did serve as a member of the West Coast Avengers as well during her career so it’s easy to say that she’s been associated with some very powerful teams and individuals throughout her career as a hero. The only reason she’s not more well-known it would seem is that her marketability hasn’t been quite as impressive as that of others.

2. She made a good number of friends in the superhero community.

Despite her slightly demanding attitude before becoming a hero, Patricia has befriended a good number of heroes in the Marvel universe that are good to have in her corner when she needs them, and are considered like family to her in some cases.

1. Her father was a comic book writer.

This just seems kind of funny since it seems as though she was destined to become a hero all along no matter that her beginnings were kind of humble in a manner of speaking.

Maybe it’s time that we saw more of her, at least on the small screen.

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