Here is Every Ship in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

How many people understood just how many different ships there were in the sequel trilogy? Granted, we’ve seen a few of them before since they come from the original trilogy, and a couple did get used in the prequels, but seeing them in the recent trilogy was kind of nice since it keeps the continuity in a small way at least, which is something that a lot of fans are constantly harping about. Obviously some ships were bound to make it, such as the Millennium Falcon, since they’re too iconic not to see in the movies. Then there are the X-Wings and the various TIE fighters that show up pretty regularly since they tend to be versatile ships that can perform a few different functions since a good number of them can operate in the atmosphere and in space, while the bigger ships tend to remain in orbit since coming any closer isn’t entirely possible without crashing. Once a dreadnought or a cruiser lifts there’s not much chance of bringing them down gently and up in space is where they tend to need to stay. The smaller the craft, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to maneuver in and out of the atmosphere since they don’t require as much lift to get them off the ground. In fact, some of the bigger ships have been described as being constructed in specialized docks that are settled in orbit around the planet where their materials are found, as getting them off of the ground would be next to impossible. Just imagine the Mega Star Destroyer trying to leave a dry dock from the ground, it would need the type of energy that would force it to carve a sizeable hole in the planet just to get up and off the ground, and then it would need something even more to resist the gravitational pull, not to mention the damage that it would do to the planet in the process.

Smaller ships could be manufactured in ground-based factories, though even these are sometimes pieced together in space docks. But the overall feeling of a ship in Star Wars is something interesting since it hearkens to the designs that have been around for a hundred years or more, and there are those that would gladly point out flaws in the designs. When taking into account that it’s all fiction and that it cost way too much to build even one of these ships in real life, one can just imagine what that means. A single Star Destroyer would like run a cost that would cross the trillion-dollar mark pretty easily since the cost of materials, the cost of needing a space-based dock to assemble the ship, and the cost of transporting needed materials from earth would create an exponentially-increasing cost that would bankrupt most nations in a hurry just for one ship. But then one has to think of how many people each one of these large ships can hold, which doesn’t justify the cost but certainly makes the mind boggle since it might be possible to house a small city within a ship.

A Star Destroyer can carry up to 37,000 people, while the Death Star can carry up to 265,000+ crew, which isn’t to mention if it could take on any other individuals. That kind of puts into perspective just how many people actually lose their lives during even one of the battles in the movies, since if one thinks of Starkiller Base, which was an entire planet, they might get a sick feeling in their stomach to realize despite the First Order being seen as the enemy, there were plenty of people that had joined up because of their ideals and the desire to serve a purpose, not necessarily to kill and subjugate others. The Empire was the same, there were plenty of people that didn’t fully believe in the ideals that were being pushed, but they did their job because it gave them a purpose and kept them alive. The ideologies that have been pushed in Star Wars from the beginning have belonged to a fraction of those that are fighting for them, while the rest has been kind of forced to follow behind. One good example of differing ideologies is the fact that there were Mandalorian ships in the mix at Exegol, which is odd since the Mandalorians have had a reason to hate the New Republic in its different forms and not bother about such wars since it doesn’t benefit them.

But then again, someone could have taken a Mandalorian ship for their own and taken up the cause. In any case, the number of ships shown in the movies was quite impressive since the diversity among them and the different designs show just how technical the details get in the movies.

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