Here’s What It’s Like to Not Watch Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

What is it like? It’s like being the only person at the party that doesn’t get the joke. It’s like being the kid who’s mom made him a baloney and cheese when everyone else is eating McDonald’s. It’s like being the person that wears the non-name brands in a group that reveres Nike, Adidas, and Hurley. In other words it means that you’re treated like an outcast without ever knowing the reason why. It’s not fair by any means and this video is a little extreme but quite honestly if you don’t watch then chances are you won’t get anything of what’s being said.

With that on the table though it’s a safe bet that no one’s going to make you do the walk of shame or break your laptop because you can’t understand a Tywin Lannister reference. It’s a funny parody to be certain but really, Game of Thrones fans aren’t really this crazy until you really get talking about the show. If you try to pose and talk about it then by all means you’re asking to be called Reek and shamed until no tomorrow. And for the love God don’t talk about Daenerys or Jon Snow unless you want to be ridiculed up and down the halls to the tune of “You know nothing!”

Game of Thrones is a very big thing in pop culture right now and it is a thing that many upon many people know about. If you don’t then you shouldn’t feel too bad, it’s not a show for everyone after all. But if you don’t know then don’t attempt to enter a conversation about the show in any way, shape, or form. You will not believe the looks you will get. Game of Thrones fans are kind of possessive about the show and will defend its integrity to the bitter end if need be. Don’t go telling them you don’t understand the need for it and expect to get away without a serious argument on your hands.

Also, don’t get frustrated about it. If you do decide to finally watch the show then by all means do so and start from the beginning. You don’t need to watch all the extras unless you’re that interested. Even if you just watch the show itself it will give you the power of an opinion. Then you can sit there and actually give some feedback to either contribute to a conversation or smugly destroy someone else’s opinion because you’ve ACTUALLY WATCHED THE SHOW. It’s better to be armed with the knowledge of what people are talking about so that you can hold down your end of the conversation than to be looked at as though you’ve suddenly grown another head.

Game of Thrones fans are not all this crazy, but some of them will throw down with you when it comes to their favorite show if you speak out of turn. Just keep that in mind if you decide to have an opinion without watching the show.

Check out this comedic look at what it’s like to not see this show:

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