Here’s the Jurassic World Short Battle at Big Rock

Big Rock

If you watched Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, then you’ll already know that Battle at Big Rock is the continuation of a very real problem that was brought on by the fact that human beings in the movies just can’t leave well enough alone. While it was shown in the original Jurassic Park sequel, The Lost World, that bringing dinosaurs to the mainland was a very bad idea, the lesson seems to be in need of refreshing since this time it wasn’t just a T. Rex and her young one being brought to the mainland, it was a whole bunch of creatures that were considered to be property (big surprise) and therefore able to be moved about and cataloged as one might do with priceless works of art. The downfall of this of course is that living beings aren’t really into being caged all that much and tend to try and find a way out so as to gain what every living creature tends to want after a while, freedom. As you can already guess, hopefully, Richard Newby of The Hollywood Reporter and many others are linking this to a third movie and for good reason.

For human beings however this means that sharing a world with dinosaurs is going to become a very big and problematic existence as Steve Brusatte of the Cheat Sheet states. Let’s face it, humans got the short end of the stick when it came to things such as claws, teeth, tough hides, and the sheer agility and quickness that most animals are given from the time they’re born. When you’re talking about lizards, creatures that need to be tough simply to survive their hatching, humans are far down the evolutionary ladder when it comes to everything but abstract thinking. Of course it’s hard to do much abstract thinking when you have a creature that sees you as a snack actively tearing apart anything in its way to get to you. At that point improvisation is the only thing that seems like it might work since both the husband and the wife in this short video do just that when their backs are to the wall. Without horns or the kind of power that would allow them to do much damage to the creature bearing down on them there seems like only a small, infinitesimal chance that they’d be able to survive the encounter. Thankfully their daughter, willful and stubborn as she seems to be, manages to save them all but firing two very well-placed crossbow bolts into the side of the creature’s face. That seems fortunate and well-timed, enough so that it might be kind of contrived, but it still works in this case. A lot of animals, once wounded and no longer seeing an easy meal, might take off unless they’re insanely hungry.

But you can bet that this is a lead-in to another, possibly the last, Jurassic World since the idea that a simple camping trip could be busted up by a stray dinosaur sighting could cause such a disruption. Plus, even if there’s a herbivore in your campsite there’s not a lot of chance to breathe easy since they can be pretty violent as well since defending their young and themselves can lead to a violent encounter out of pure fear. Of course that seems to indicate that nowhere would be entirely safe any longer since dinosaurs were said to roam just as much as any creature, following whatever natural edicts determined their behavior and movements. The herbivores would go where the food source was located, and the carnivores would go where the herbivores congregated. It’s a pretty natural occurrence that’s been going on for millennia, but at the same time humans have never really had to deal with dinosaur sightings, and have grown used to other natural predators in a way that’s become common enough that there are safety measures in place for people to use. But facing down a dinosaur? Yeah, waving your arms and shouting to make yourself seem bigger doesn’t seem like it would work as well, the only way to really survive would be to run and hide or stand your ground and hope that you have a big enough weapon to do some serious damage.

As far as a Jurassic World 3 goes we won’t be likely to see the movie hit theaters until 2021 according to Phil Archbold of Looper. But it’s kind of obvious that this would be one of the best intros to the next movie that could be expected. It’s even a wonder if Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard would even return since their arc seems as though it might have met a satisfying end. Maybe Jeff Goldblum would come back, but it seems safer to say that there might be a few new cast members that would join the franchise. From this video it seems fair to say that mankind might be at war with the dinosaurs eventually, but it would be one of the strangest wars that humanity would ever known. And think of this, it would likely be only the USA unless somehow the dinosaurs had been brought to other countries as well. There’s a couple of different ways this could be spun, and it seems as though it could be great in any way.

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