Here’s The Knight Rider Theme Played on 8 Cellos

If you were growing up in the 80s then it’s likely that you remember the Knight Rider theme fairly well, and if not then it might still stand out as something you’ve heard once or twice in your life since it’s very distinctive. Listening to it on a cello though, and on several different tracks playing at once, is really kind of nice since it bring back the memory of the show but not the overall cheesy nature that the 80s became known for. In this style it almost feels as though Knight Rider might have been a truly classical experience that was sublime in a way and not geared just for entertainment. But when we come back down to earth we realize that the show, despite being a true product of the 80s, was still pretty great since it was a talking car for crying out loud, and not only that, but very impressive-looking talking car. There’s something satisfying about hearing a popular theme played out in this manner since it tends to soften the edges and even give a slightly different feel to the whole experience, even if people remember the show differently from person to person. To be fair it’s likely that a lot of us remember the show in our own way, which is to say that we don’t remember it as well as we’d like.

That’s one of the biggest issues with old shows that didn’t last for that long but still made an impact, people will likely remember them because they were hyped up and were actually fairly well done, but memory will usually serve to blur one’s recollection just a bit and might actually improve what wasn’t that great to begin with over the years. Think about it this way, the things we thought were so cool as kids remained that way until we went back and tried to rediscover the magic only to realize that now we can fully understand and comprehend just what was really going on and how cheesy the effects really were. For some people, reclaiming a bit of that magic isn’t too hard since all one really needs to do is remember the good times and not dwell too much on the reality of what’s there to get the enjoyment they remember out of it. But the truth is that once we grow up and see behind the metaphorical curtain the feelings that we had towards certain interests that were so great when we were younger do fade just a little bit. That’s part of getting older though, and it happens to everyone at one point or another. But Knight Rider was definitely one of the more enjoyable shows of its time and apart from that it helped to make David Hasselhoff a well-known name, though Baywatch would do much more for his career since it’s still how he’s best remembered by his fans.

Music has a strange ability to enhance a great many things and throughout pop culture it’s been seen more and more that the right music can create a vast difference in how pretty much anything is viewed. A lot of material might be just fine as it is without any musical accompaniment, but can still benefit from an impressive soundtrack or even just some clever background music that sets the tone. This tends to bring more feeling, more emotion, and can really create a deeper connection to the show or movie with a lot of people since it bridges the gap between the audience and the presentation by giving people a reason to connect in their own way. A good example would be Celine Dion’s song “My Heart Will Go On” that was showcased with and for the movie “Titanic”. The music itself was moving and the story was impressive, but put together it actually made a good number of people experience an emotional connection to the movie that caused quite a few people to become emotionally entangled in the tale. There are other prime examples as well since the mere utterance of the music to some shows and movies will trigger a response in many people since the memories, good or bad, that have been attributed to pop culture often carry with them the songs and themes that made them so appealing in the first place. If you really want to get technical, part of the Knight Rider theme has been used in remixes for years since it delivers a very compelling and in some cases powerful opening that a lot of musicians have found quite valuable and easy to use. Listening to popular music on more classical instruments in this manner is usually a lot of fun since it gives a person a different perspective, and it’s bound to bring back a few good memories.

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