Here’s What We Know about Demolition Man 2 So Far

About the only thing we know about Demolition Man 2 is that it’s still being planned even as Sylvester Stallone is keeping busy to the point that 2021 and 2022 aren’t even being considered as possible release dates. 2023, which will be the movie’s 30th anniversary, might be what’s planned, but again, no one knows. All that’s there to be viewed at the moment are fan theories and speculations that may or may not happen since at this point nothing has been put into motion. But while many fans are hoping that the movie will go ahead and bring in new and old faces alike, there are a few of us that are kind of wishing that Stallone would just leave this movie as it is and not bother with it. There are plenty of stories that might have a lot more to go on and a world that can be built up in many different ways, and Demolition Man is no different. The desire to not see it go forward is due to the fact that Stallone’s sequels aren’t bound to be guaranteed hits since throughout his career his sequels have only gotten worse and worse most times, with a few exceptions. Plus, with the main antagonists gone there’s a huge need for a new villain that has some reason to hate John Spartan, or there might need to a clone of Simon Phoenix, who was played by Wesley Snipes and was frozen and pulverized in the final fight of the movie. Cloning this character doesn’t even sound like a good idea however since not only does it bring in the idea of technology that wasn’t on display in the first movie, but the idea of it is kind of a bad idea since the whole Phoenix angle has been done and even if it would be a clever play on words to bring him back, it’s still kind of lame.

There are plenty of angles that can be worked for Demolition Man 2, but it does feel as though Phoenix should stay in the past and not be resurrected in any way, while a new villain should be developed, perhaps one that’s just as deadly but from the actual time period in which John Spartan was awakened. The destruction of the cryo lab is one idea that can be touched upon, as is the fact that the world that was recreated by Raymond Cocteau, the man responsible for releasing Simon Phoenix, is now in a shambles and the people of San Angeles have to share their lives with the Scraps led by Edgar Friendly, who was played by Denis Leary. There are ideas that can be used, but they’re still going to require a skilled writer and director to make them work in any significant way since otherwise they’re bound to come off as cheesy and altogether ineffective when presenting the movie to an audience. In a very big way Demolition Man should be a standalone movie that allows the audience to assume that things did change when all was said and done and no matter if they changed for the better or the worse, the PG version of life that Cocteau created was bound to fail. Seriously, if there’s anything to complain about when it comes to the first movie it was the fact that anyone might think that a world where everyone was conditioned to have happy thoughts and embrace a utopian society would be an idyllic place to live. We’re human, we make mistakes, and we don’t always get along, but the real world is a little more comforting simply because we understand it so much better, sometimes, than a world where people are nice to each other because it’s the law.

One of the biggest hopes that at least a few people have is that Stallone will either stay too busy to make this movie or will feel that it’s just not gaining enough traction since the whole idea of it is a little too ridiculous to think of considering that at best it would turn into a B movie that would count as another flop on his record. But if it does get made then the hope is that someone will recognize that if it’s going to be worth anything it really needs a stellar cast, several of the original cast to return, and a story that’s going to seriously knock people back. There’s simply too much room for error in this movie and it’s easy to think that when all is said and done that it’s going to be something that should have remained an idea but never have been given leave to become something more. I don’t enjoy saying that a story has no value because every single story does, but it might be better if Demolition Man 2 became a series instead of another movie.

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