‘Heroes’ Greg Grunberg has Sylar on his Mind

Matt Parkman has always been one of my more favorite characters on Heroes. Mostly because he was already a trying to be a “hero” as a police officer before he discovered any of his powers, and since discovering them he’s traversed the rocky road of trying to define who he is now, and what he wants to be.

This season on Heroes, Grunberg’s characters makes the decision that he no longer wants his powers to define who he is, and he stops using them (or tries to). Grunberg told Sci-Fi Wire first hand last month, “What’s cool is that my powers evolve, and I start this year so regretting what I did last year that I have absolutely cut it cold turkey. I refuse to use my powers, and Sylar wants me to, so he’s constantly on my shoulder going, ‘Use your powers, you p-ssy.’ It’s great. It’s really cool.”

What Parkman did last year, for those of you who easily forget, was to help decieve everyone by screwing up Sylar’s mind so thoroughly that he shape-shifted into Nathan Patrelli and then forgot everything about who Sylar was. But it appears that the process didn’t go over as planned (like we didn’t see that coming!) and there are now remmants of Sylar within Parkman’s mind, and he wants his body back!

“He’s in my subconscious and I can’t control him. Then he starts to control me, which is very, very cool.” Grunberg said at the Television Critics Association fall press tour.

Grunberg also mentioned that he had a lot of fun working with Zachary Quinto on these scenes and that he hopes the storyline drags out a little so that he can continue to work with Quinto in this fashion. And for those of you who gave up on the show and stopped watching because you thought it was losing touch and becoming less character focused, Grunberg has a message for you.

“It’s cool how it’s done. I love it because it’s more character-based. The show became all about saving the world, and it’s very abstract. It’s kind of hard to grasp that. What does that mean? It’s very spectacular, and it’s fun, but then if you do it every week, it doesn’t mean anything. And if everybody has powers, it doesn’t mean anything. So this year it’s kind of getting back to season one, where it’s all about the characters just wanting to be real and normal. I don’t want this power, I don’t use it, and I’m forced to use it because Sylar’s doing anything [he can].”

I’ll admit first-hand, I almost gave up on this show last season. Perhaps I’m a glutton for punishment, but the promos and previews I’ve seen so far have gotten me excited about Heroes again, and the teaming of my two favorite characters, Sylar and Parkman has me overflowing with anticipation.

Heroes returns to NBC on Monday, Sept. 21 at 8 pm (ET).

Source: SciFi Wire

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