Heroes Star Greg Grunberg Can Save You Money

You know that he piloted the ill fated Oceanic 815, and you know that he is the most morally centered character on Heroes as mindreader/pusher Matt Parkmen, but did you also know he is a total nerd? Heroes star Greg Grunberg, along with partners August Trometer and Rick Yaeger (who do not play superheros), has released a successful new iPhone app designed to save you money. Wow, he really is a hero! Named “Yowza,” the app combines the GPS capabilities of the iPhone with a coupon database to give birth to a location-aware deal seeking engine. The folks at crunchgear sat down with Grunberg last week to uncover the facts of his ‘other’ secret identity as a software developer.

“I love the iPhone, I’m a huge Mac and apple fan. About that, 9 months ago my wife and I were just complaining that we once again forgot our Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons. We’ve got 3 kids and I thought wouldn’t it be great to harness the GPS capabilities of the phone and have deals you know, coupons, hundreds with you, without having to pack them with the kid’s things.” Told crunchgear.

Okay, first off… big time actors use coupons? This economic recession thing is worse than I thought! Now, you are probably thinking that Grunberg is merely lending his star power to this thing and that is the extent of his involvement. Not true. In fact, Grunberg is known as one of the early adopters in the strange smashup of celebrity and social media. His @greggrunberg has around 700,000 followers and is actively updated by the star. His social media efforts in promoting Band From TV, an all TV-star rock band that support various charitable organizations, have been enormously successful. Having talked to Grunberg a couple of times myself, I can attest that the guy is authentically tech-savvy – and a heck of a nice guy. So it’s no surprise to me that the concept was his all along.

“So on Twitter about 2 months later I met August Trometer and Rick Yeager and August is here right now. August had been very successful with apps since the app store started. I was like ‘Guys, I have this idea I dunno if it can be implemented, I don’t know if its even possible, I’m not kinda guy who can actually manipulate the SDK and actually write code for the app. But what do you think of this idea.’ And they both turned white. They took the idea, the concept, and just ran with it.” Grunberg told CrunchGear.

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