Hints Dropped About Fringe’s Second Season

Fringe just isn’t getting the attention it deserves. While the press flocked around the Comic-Con panels for newcomers like Flash Forward and V, one returning favorite was simply left out. That’s FOX’s Fringe, a science fiction show which premiered last year and will be beginning its second season in September. While there was indeed a panel for Fringe, I was unable to find much coverage of it, save for one E! Online article that offered a quick recap of the panel.

Of course, not a terrible lot was revealed at the panel. We didn’t find out much more about the Pattern or who’s behind it, but we did learn a little more about the character developments that will be occurring througout season two.

Of course, the Krik Acevedo “firing” was talked about, but furtively, with no real hint at the fate of Acevedo’s character Charlie Francis. According to executive producer Jeff Pinkner, “Charlie’s going to undergo some drastic changes, which hopefully will be surprising and entertaining.” Pinkner also insisted that “Kirk’s part of our family.” Of course, no explanation was offered for Acevedo’s Facebook post claiming that he’d been fired for the first time in his life.

John Noble, who plays the fan favorite Walter Bishop, stated that he would soon be filming a scene with Leonard Nimoy for the fourth episode of the season, which is titled “This is the Night Mail.” Nimoy’s character William Bell, if you remember, was mentioned throughout the first season but only appeared briefly in the cliffhanger of season one, when Olivia met him in the still-standing World Trade Center in an alternate universe. Bell and Bishop were, within the show, old colleagues who were separated after Bishop’s incarceration in a mental institution. Nimoy has recently been confirmed as a series regular for the second season.

Speaking of alternate universes, the season one finale came with the big reveal that the Peter Bishop that we’ve all gotten to know is in fact from the alternate universe, and was taken from there after his counterpart from this universe died. That hasn’t been forgotten, and actors Joshua Jackson and John Noble insist that Peter will find this out in the second half of the season. “There will be no answers early on. We don’t want to let Peter in on that too early,” Noble affirmed. “I think it will be toward the second half of the season, I think it will be a massive episode, and I think it will be very ugly.”

Other hints that Noble gave about the second season is that Walter and Astrid, Walter’s much put-upon lab assistant (played by Jasika Nicole), will have a “very sweet” scene together early in the season. “…it’s not just about the jokes and the one-liners. It was the chance for you to know a tiny bit more about her and their relationship and it was the greatest thing.”

Now, that’s not a lot revealed, I know. But frankly, it’s enough to tide me over for the next two months until Fringe begins making our televisions mysterious once again. Season one comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 8, and season two will begin on September 17, with the episode “A New Day in the Old Town.”

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