10 Things You Didn’t Know about Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor is someone you don’t try to hold down because the chances are she’s going to tell you what she’s going to do and then she’s going to go out and actually do it. Keeping her from doing something is about as easy as keeping a tidal wave from crashing onto a beach, it’s going to happen whether you put something in the way or not. Her ambition and her dedication to the business is simply awesome and especially at her age it’s something that seems fit to carry her over into her later years as the drive she possesses allows her to keep going when others might stop. How far she’s going to go is anyone’s guess since she’s still kind of young and has a lot of potential that could carry her in a number of directions, but it seems safe to say that wherever she goes it’s going to be where she wants to.

10. She was enrolled in dance classes at age 3.

Holly has never really wanted to wait for anything had once she was enrolled took to dancing lessons as though she was born to them. This is a great example of someone that was created to do things that she felt the need to do, not something she was pushed into.

9. She’s 20 years old.

At this age to have this many accomplishments, even if she’s not as experienced as others, is something that a lot of people might be envious of but no one can rightly state is not impressive. As of now she’s a very strong-willed person that knows what she wants and how to get it.

8. Her career started in 2008.

It almost seems that she’s done as much in a decade as some older actors have done in a career, but that’s kind of relative to the person to be honest. It does feel like she’s still just getting warmed up and has a ways to go yet.

7. She’s been in The Americans.

The idea of sleeper agents being allowed to infiltrate America is something that has a lot of people worried and as a show it’s something that can also draw an audience since it’s an idea that scares them and gets them thinking all at once. Who can you trust in such a situation after all?

6. She hasn’t done much in the way of TV shows yet.

The Americans is just one of a few shows that she’s done as she’s been far more prevalent in feature length films and short movies to date. There’s no doubt that she’ll continue to bounce back and forth between both since the chance to get famous in such a way and keep that fame is usually best found with diversity in one’s career.

5. She was dancing on stage by the age of 11.

Once her parents enrolled her, she amused them by stating she would be dancing on stage one day. Then she surprised them by getting good enough to do it and to accept a part in several stage plays that made good use of her skills. She had to find a way to perform as well as keep up with her schooling, but it wasn’t too hard for her to do both after a while.

4. She was born in an ambulance.

It would seem that Holly just couldn’t wait to be born since she was one of several people that have been born in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Some would state that she just couldn’t wait to see the world and all it has to offer.

3. She’s a very determined person.

Not being able to do something isn’t a big part of her persona as Holly will see something that stands in her path as a challenge that needs to be met or moved around since she’s not the kind to just stop and contemplate failure. She’ll continue her forward movement in any way that she can in order to get to where she wants to be.

2. Her social media following isn’t quite that big.

It’s only in the 20 thousands so obviously she either doesn’t get on social media that much or people have yet to really hear about her. The latter doesn’t seem possible but the idea that she’s not on social media all that much isn’t hard to believe since she seems quite busy and is likely not the type that wants to be bothered with messaging to so many just what she’s doing at every second of the day.

1. She was born in Canada but raised in New Jersey.

There are a large number of actors from Canada that have made it big in America but seeing as how she was born in Canada and has been raised in America one can rightly assume that she doesn’t have as many ties as others to the north.

Keep an eye on her, she looks like a promising actress.

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