Home from “Ex Machina” Now a Hotel in Norway You Can Stay at Right Now

Remember the home of the eccentric inventor from Ex Machina? It’s been converted into a hotel that you can stay at now, for a rather exorbitant price of course. Each room is its own construct built on stilts and constructed in such a way as to blend in with the surroundings rather than dominate them. Permission was given for this project after an agreement was reached that there would be no blasting or any degradation of the surrounding environment to build the rooms.

There are also a few original buildings that exist such as the barn, the mill house, and the farmhouse where people can stay. Meals are served communally in the barn for those staying in these buildings.

All of the rooms save for the kitchen and other areas are kept naturally dark so as to allow people to enjoy the nature that they can see from the floor to ceiling windows.

Thankfully each room is heavily insulated so that any season is comfortable when visiting.

Being able to see such a picturesque view outside your window each morning would be the idea of heaven for many weary travelers.

Just imagine having breakfast or sitting in quiet contemplation of your surroundings as the world seemed to drift by each day.

The absolute majesty of this place is so unspoiled that it’s almost like being in one of the last great bastions of nature that can be found in this world.

There are luxuries to be had of course in this wonderful getaway, as the money spent is definitely compensated in the form of absolute relaxation.

In some ways the rooms blend in quite nicely to the surroundings. They might be easy to spot but at the very least they don’t stand out so boldly in the midst of nature.

Each room is easily able to accommodate a small family it would seem.

They might look a little rustic from the outside, but each room is carefully crafted for maximum relaxation.

The deck space is wide enough that one could possibly just lounge and relax for a good part of the day.

As you can see there are several rooms that make up the nature reserve and each one of them has a different vantage point.

The rooms are all positioned just so in order to give the guests a fantastic view of the wilderness just beyond their reach.

It might seem a bit dark in the rooms but it definitely allows nature to pop out in all its brilliance.

At a casual glance you can just barely see the rooms at times, as the reflection of the surrounding woods tends to mask them just a bit.

To some people this might seem a little dark and depressing, but to others it is simply marvelous.

This is an interesting shot to show just how integrated the rooms are with the surrounding woods.

You might wonder how you get to the rooms since a lot of the pictures seem devoid of pathways, much less roads. Don’t worry, there are roads and paths aplenty.

Photos via Juvet Hotel


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