Homeland Season 2 Poster: It Hits Home

Showtime has released the official poster for the next season of Homeland, with Carrie and Brody getting thrust to the front and one very important part of the season lingering in the distance. In the first season finale, we learned that Brody was on the way to seeking public office in a bid to kill ideas rather than human beings; in the poster, the war veteran is wearing a very official-looking suit with the Capitol in the background. Brody has all the tools needed to work his way into office, which will be all it takes in order to do real damage, and it’ll be up to Carrie to stop him before it’s too late.

Could the look that Brody’s giving be a clue about his mental state next season? Toward the end of the season, he got a lot more unsure about himself and his actions, so there’s a chance that could bleed over, particularly once Carrie gets back on her feet. He knows she’s onto him and could bring down his fledgling political career, potentially getting him in hot water with some very bad men; I wouldn’t be shocked if the paranoia slowly crept back into his mind and made Brody come a little bit off his game next season.

In addition to being the key phrase for the second season marketing, “It Hits Home” is also the name of a recently launched interactive website that puts you (yes, you) in the role of CIA agent. With Carrie currently out of commission and trapped in her own mind, ithitshome.com allows fans to come to her aide and take over the investigation into Abu Nazir before it’s too late.

The second season of Emmy-nominated Homeland premieres Sunday, September 30th at 10:00 on Showtime following the season premiere of Dexter at 9:00. You can check out the most recent teasers for the season here, both of which indicate the danger that Brody could pose once he infiltrates public office.

What do you think about the new Homeland poster? Do you think Carrie and Brody will be crossing paths anytime soon? Can she stop him before he becomes a part of the American government?


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