House of Cards Season 6 Trailer Has Arrived

The Internet, alongside almost all news media outlets, were plagued with sexual harassment headlines recently, as numbers upon numbers of women began to speak out against past and present abuse that have been dealt upon them by men of higher ranking or power. Some of the accusations weren’t shocking, but quite a few were. This includes the scandal that ensued one of America’s best actors in the industry and the star of one of the best shows on Netflix, Kevin Spacey.

For the past few years, Spacey has been playing the role of US President Frank Underwood in House of Cards. However, due to sexual assault allegations against Spacey, he was fired from the show and production halted as an aftermath. This put season 6 on hold, as the people behind House of Cards probably scrambled to come up with an alternate timeline and storyline–one that does not have Spacey’s character in it. Many wondered whether the show would ever be able to come back from such a toxic scandal, but doubters were silenced when the trailer for season 6 aired during the recent Academy Awards ceremony.

Nobody expected the trailer to come. It was as surprising as its quiet yet powerful content. There were rumors that the only way Spacey’s character could be written off the show was to kill him off, and that might mean that Spacey will be completely uninvolved in the upcoming season. The trailer might have revealed enough for all of us to speculate as such.

The trailer starts off with what seemed like White House personnel walking towards someplace. The screen then flashes into what looked and sounded like a media room, where we see the same two personnel walking with envelopes or folders in their hands. Immediately after, the screen then pans towards the oval office, with the back of the grand chair towards the camera. At that point we already knew what was happening and suspicions were already confirmed. The chair turns to reveal Spacey’s character’s wife and the US Vice President Claire Underwood sitting as the next POTUS. She stands up and declares, “We’re just getting started.”

Robin Wright has been more than phenomenal on the show, and we have no doubts that she can carry it all with the help of a stunning cast that includes Patricia Clarkson, Diane Lane, Michael Kelly, Greg Kinnear, and Constance Zimmer among a few others. Now that we’re sure Wright’s character is the president, we have even more questions about the upcoming season and how the writers have weaved the story to make it work. She’s also taking over a chaotic White House, and we’re very curious as to how the show will tie everything together.

But perhaps the biggest curiosity and the one that made us gasp a bit is the meaning behind what Wright said in the end of the trailer. What did she mean with, “We’re just getting started?” Does this indicate the possibility of a spinoff? Only the season will tell, and after that trailer, we’re looking forward to Fall 2018 for the return of House of Cards with its sixth and final season.

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