How a Maggie Walking Dead Spinoff Could Work

At this point, some people are likely getting tired of The Walking Dead while others could possibly keep going and watch one spinoff after another emerge since they’ve grown to love the characters enough that it could be something that might work. With Maggie, it almost feels as though she could go off and create her own story much as Rick did, but it also feels as though it would change her in a very fundamental way. One has to remember how much each person has changed over the course of the show and how far they’ve come since things kicked off. When fans met Maggie she was still a downhome farm girl whose family was keeping a terrible secret since her father had ordered them to keep the walkers in the barn. Of course, Hershel thought that there might be a way to cure the afflicted, but Rick and the others knew better, well, Rick knew more than the others but it was fairly obvious that there was no coming back from the kind of death one would experience after becoming a walker. Maggie had to change pretty quickly after her family was torn apart following the need to flee the farm after a walker hoard started pouring out of the woods and decimated her home, but she continued to change after her father and then her sister were killed, becoming harder, less forgiving, and way more pragmatic than ever before.

She does become cold and utterly ruthless after the death of her husband, Glenn, which was a death that many people knew was coming far ahead of time. After this, she became a very different individual and didn’t suffer those that meant to harm her or anyone she cared about. It was believed at one point that she would have gladly gone against Michonne and Rick, two of her closest allies, had they been determined to stand in the way of her vengeance on Negan, who was kept alive and imprisoned in Alexandria. But after a time she did give up her leadership role in the community of Hilltop, as her feelings after Rick’s supposed death caused her to look inward and realize that her road to vengeance was wrong and that it might have had something to do with getting Rick killed. It would be extremely interesting to see a spinoff with Maggie that showed her coming to the realization that Rick was alive, but whether or not we’ll ever see that is hard to say considering that the show will be ending by season 11 and what happens after that is bound to be hard to predict. Some fans might be able to tell others just what should be happening, but given how far the show has deviated from the comics it’s easy to think that what will be happening won’t be nearly as close to the original story as people might like.

There are rumors about a couple of spinoffs that might be happening once TWD is over and done with, but seeing how it could be next year until the series is well and done it’s likely that we won’t be seeing them that soon. It does sound as though people are hoping for a Daryl and Carol spinoff, which could be fairly interesting, but whether or not it will happen is hard to say. The reason a Maggie spinoff could work though is that she’s been absent from the show for a while, so it could recap what she was doing during that time and it could show what’s been going on in her life since the show did jump forward a few years. That’s a lot of time for Maggie to be wandering away from Hilltop, and it could lead to a few great stories that might be worth telling. But seeing as how she’s going to be a part of season 11 it does feel that the spinoff could take her story further since it’s likely that we could learn what she was up to while she was away during the course of the final season. Taking her away from Hilltop would be kind of difficult thanks to her son, but it would also be a chance to expand the story and the world of TWD a bit more since while Fear The Walking Dead has done this as well, there’s still a lot of country to cover and a lot of places that could be worse or better off than Hilltop and Alexandria. Plus, until the TWD movie comes out we’re left wondering just what has become of the US government if such a thing still exists in this current landscape.

The one big reason that a Maggie spinoff would work is that people want more of The Walking Dead, and they want to see it pick up and be as good as it used to be.

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