How Does “Made in Staten Island” Stack up to “The Jersey Shore?”

Reality television enthusiasts know about the New York City show, Made in Staten Island, which is also called the Forgotten Borough. The center of attraction for the show is the Island. Staten Island has proven its abilities over the years. It has several series of the Staten Island and in addition to their ultimate hits, Jersey Shore. Both these shows have been produced on the island. However, they are unique in their own way to provide fans with something to always look forward to watching.

The executive producer of ‘Made in Staten Island,’ Gravano went straight to the point when she said: “Staten Island is like one big family. Everybody knows everybody’s business. Everybody knows everybody’s history whether you like them or not.” This is a unique feature in the show because it then ensures that the aspect of suspense hits the industry hard. Made in Staten Island is the latest of the Jersey Shore.

Even while reality television lovers cannot wait for the show every time it is due to show, the show is facing retaliation from some Staten Island residents claiming that it is a replica of The Jersey Show and that it is bound to tarnish the borough. However, the cast promises to bring in new blood into the new reality show. It is no longer just about the mob families. In this reality show, there is a new approach to the island.

Change in perception

All other reality shows on the island are showing the Island as home to a den of gangsters. Made in Staten Island brings a new approach to the island as they try to leave a different perception of the islanders. In this case, there is a positive approach to the island. In this reality show, despite having the ideology that the island is somehow dangerous, Made in Staten Island will change your perception. Crime is not just the storyline of the reality show.


The cast in the New Jersey show is basically revolving around the mafia families. On the other hand, the Made in Staten Island show includes some mafia members as well as a new crop of hustlers. The cast is made up of Italian Americans. Therefore, it is not just limited to mafia related members. Forget all the negative stereotyping and discrimination from the Jersey Show. The cast is not related to crime or the mafia family giving it a twist that many of the viewers did not expect.

Knowledge of each other

Made in Staten Island to The Jersey Show comparison on the cast has a clear difference on how well the cast members’ knowledge on each other. Made in Staten Island, as indicated comes together like a large family. The cast knows right about everything about each other including the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no room for pretense. The past has got nothing to do with the present but only if it does not come crawling to haunt you in the present.


Drama is bound to shape up with a different cast considering that there is variance in the storyline. It rotates around drama and these moments are unique to keep you watching. Whether you are a critic, a love for the show, or a starter in watching Staten Island related reality shows. The presence of a strong storyline, following the show, is a must. There is a turn to all the drama from The Jersey Show which is related to crime and betrayal when you watch the Made in Staten Island reality show.


Made in Staten Island to the Jersey Shore has similarities but at the same while offers unique additions that make each of the shows stand out. Despite facing criticism from some Staten islanders, the show seeks to stand out on its own despite taking place on an island that is home to a number of reality shows. Despite being home to several shows, the fear that it may resemble The Jersey Show was short-lived. Made in Staten Island seeks to show a different side of the island as opposed to the original perception of crime and mafia families and it is doing a pretty good job of eliminating this perception.

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