How Metallica Wound Up Doing the Music For Disney’s Jungle Cruise

It’s true that a person doesn’t normally think of Metallica when they’re thinking about Disney unless of course, they’re a bit odd, so hey, there’s that. But it does sound as though the thrash metal band did manage to get in on the soundtrack for Jungle Cruise, a movie that will be starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt that will be coming out at some point. If anyone remembers the Jungle Cruise attraction at Disneyland then you’ll already have an idea of at least a part of this movie will look like since the tame but entertaining ride has been one that’s been seen as a good way to get off your feet for a little while and relax as the ride operator goes through their well-rehearsed spiel while moving around the track that takes people through the jungle and allows them to see the various sights. The great thing about going on this as a kid though is that a lot of the attractions on the ride do look impressive and if a person doesn’t know any better it is kind of a fun experience. But as you can expect, Disney is going to make certain that they put as much into the movie that has almost nothing to do with the actual ride, while trying to stick to the core idea since, after all, there’s no point in deviating entirely from the source.

To be fair it does make a lot of sense considering that the band members of Metallica are all family men now and as such have a deep affinity for Disney as many parents do since so many kids tend to love what Disney offers. Plus, the band has been known to alter their songs a bit and can definitely improvise when they have to, so having them in on the soundtrack sounds like it would be a fun idea since it could spice up the movie a bit to have a slightly harder sound than normal. Obviously we’re not going to hear the same hard-hitting guitar riffs that so many people are used to when it comes to an average Metallica concert since for a family movie it’s not bound to happen that the band will be encouraged to do anything that’s too hard or too over the top. But there have been several instances when those that are used to catering to teenagers and adults have toned down their music to be a little more family-oriented. It’s a definite shock to be certain but it’s still an interesting effect since it reminds a lot of people that the bands they’ve idolized in the past have grown older as well and behind the scenes, they have their own families and their own responsibilities to tend to. It’s true that Metallica has had their troubles with each other over the years, but obviously, those troubles have either been cleared up or they’ve been able to push past them and stick together in order to create a killer sound that millions of people have enjoyed for decades.

At one time, believe it or not, it was believed that Metallica was considered to be just another garage band and that they might never take off in the manner that they did. Decades later here they are, having gone all over the world to perform and gained a fanbase that’s almost fanatical when it comes to their allegiance to the band. They’ve collaborated with many artists over the years and been heard so often that it’s hard not to recognize their greatness. Now here they are about to get in on a Disney project. It’s not the sign of the Apocalypse, that would likely be if Justin Bieber was asked to create a hard rock album or star in a Star Wars movie, but it is the creation of something that already sounds as though it’s bound to be fantastic and absolutely worth seeing the movie for. Already it sounds like a lot of people are wondering whether Jungle Cruise will be a worthwhile story since it looks like another action movie that will allow Dwayne Johnson to use his humongous size and star power to create something that might be more or less good but not epic. We’ll have to wait and see though to find out whether or not it’s going to be a dud or if it’s going to be worth the effort and could possibly be another fine addition to the Disney stable.

It’s not as though Disney doesn’t have several projects that are lined up and almost ready to go after all, but it would be nice to see this movie surprise a lot of people when it manages to come out, especially since the soundtrack already sounds as though it’s going to be impressive.

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