How Much Of the Drama on Love and HipHop is Real?

Joseline Hernandez

If there is one thing that has revolutionized the concept of television shows, it is the dawn of reality TV shows. The 2010’s decade witnessed an increase of the number of such shows courtesy of the decent reception as they drew large viewership numbers. The concept of reality shows tries to bring in the essence of an unscripted nature, meaning it captures real-life happenings. The fact that the programs focus on realistic situations has improved their relatability factor to their audience, garnering a vast and dedicated fan-base. Among the shows that have a large following is the Love and Hip Hop franchise. The show has a certain unmatched degree of intensity, with some pundits questioning the legitimacy of the love and hip hop drama.

Love and hip hop is the tag of several series under the franchise, and they take a city suffix depending on where it is aired. In this vein, you get love and hip hop, New York, Atlanta, Hollywood, and Miami. The first of the franchise premiered around 2011 on the VH1 network. Its impressive ratings had the show renewed for other seasons and went on to become the big hit that it is currently on our screens.

The Show’s Concept

According to IMDb, the shows look into the lives of the hip hop elites they go on with their lives. The show banks on the popularity of the hip hop genre of music where it draws it many stars to boost the reception of the show. It features musicians, both from RnB and hip hop, music executives, actors, and actresses, among other figures. Some of the stars who have appeared on the show include Jim Jones, Cardi B, Trick Daddy, Keyshia Cole, Trisha, Ray J, and many others. The popularity of the show has led to the establishment of the careers of many, key among them Cardi B, who made appearances on the show way before her mainstream music success. Being a reality show, it revolves around the lives of the celebrities with cameras behind their every move. One thing that makes love and hip hop show stand out from other reality programs is the drama involved. As earlier indicated, the tension goes way overboard to a point where many of its fans question if it is an authentic show or there is a hint of scripted antics.

Is Love And Hip Hop Scripted?

There are several reality shows on various channels and mostly seek to entertain the audience to keep them glued for the coming episodes. The hunger for ratings has brought up some theories that some of these shows are mere scripts and nothing close to the reality they seek to depict. Back to love and hip hop, several critics take note of the progression of the show leading to the conclusion that there is an unreal aspect on the show. They bring up the fact that instead of being real and having some shortcomings to point to the reality aspect, it seems the show takes on a similar setting to a soap opera. So how much of the love and hip hop drama is real? There are several pointers to the show having a scripted element, observable courtesy of confessions of stars. That is beside the apparent hints when you watch the show.

Peter Gunz Feels Out Of Place

If you grew up in the 90s, you sure have a slight idea of who Peter Gunz is, more so if you are a hip hop head. He was part of the duo that came up with the radio anthem Uptown Baby alongside Lord Tariq sometime in the late 90s. Somehow he could not achieve his initial fame and slowly sunk out of the big picture. Sometime around 2013, he joined love and hip hop New York as part of the cast alongside his girlfriend. According to reports from The Grio, Gunz claims he was disgusted by how he acted on the show. He says he got involved with the show for the check and claims at some point; there was a script to follow. The statement rung true to several of his fans, most of who knew him for a long time and rebuked him for the double life he was at, at the moment. Later on, a session on Sway in the Morning, he brought light to the situation of love and hip hop. He claimed that the base of the various storylines was genuine, but the associated drama was quite farfetched.

Joseline Hernandez’s Testifies

Joseline Hernandez was in the Atlanta version of the franchise, and in 2014, she got into an altercation with a fellow cast member resulting in a fight. She got sued for the incidence, and during her trial, she brought light to the scripted nature of some of VH1’s programs, as evident from In Touch. Such a revelation is an expectation from those who analyzed the show and took notes of the flaws. While not yet confirmed, such confessions lead closer to the answer of whether the drama in love and hip hop is real or scripted.


With the rise of several reality TV programs, there has been a question among many fans, who question their credibility. The show’s storylines seem to go overboard, with some critics pointing out the soap opera setting that is non-existent in real life. The love and hip hop franchise is one of the most popular reality TV series with many spinoffs. It has also been under scrutiny on the bearing of its storylines as the drama is too intense, and it m it is just a way to give fans what they want. Aside from the almost unreal drama focusing on infidelity and messed up relationships, confessions from stars of the show suggest that there are scripted elements. While it may rub diehard fans the wrong way, it is a good move in unveiling the storylines of the program.

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