How the Show “Hawaii Five-O” Has Lasted Nearly a Decade

There have been people that were excited to see Hawaii Five-O make its way back to the small screen while there were others that were not quite so enthusiastic largely because the era of the remakes and the reboots is becoming somewhat stale and leaving a bad taste in their mouths. But some way or another this show has lasted nearly a decade. The casting has been great since there are some top-level stars on the show and the idea of it was something that people were at least willing to take a look at despite the misgivings that some had as far as the whole idea about what the show would present in terms of subject matter. But overall this show has managed to stick around for a few reasons that are beyond the understanding of some and not important enough for others to really consider.

Here’s just a few reasons why the show might have been allowed to stick around for so long.

The cast features a lot of strong and endearing characters.

This is after all a big part of why any show manages to stay put since people love watching their favorite actors so long as the show is engaging enough and filled with the kind of subject matter they like to watch. While some of the stars on the show aren’t quite as popular as others there are enough recognizable faces to make it worth the time of the casual viewer and fan alike when it comes to watching an episode here or there. Top shelf actors tend to make it possible for a show to continue since their personalities and their abilities have been proven in the past, though this show only features a couple of people that have really earned that distinction. Even mid-level talents however, provided they’re skilled enough, can keep peoples’ attention and carry a show for a while.

The setting has something to do with it.

For some reason the imagery of Hawaii is something that people tend to enjoy since it gives off a sense of peace and serenity even in the midst of an action sequence that people tend to like. Hawaii is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations in the world and any show that takes place there is bound to attract some attention since the wonders and sights are enchanting enough for many people and will draw them in simply because of the fact. That being said however it’s also the change of scenery from other shows that attracts people since the colors are made to be more vibrant, the scenery is shot in the kind of light that makes it more attractive, and the fact is that various colors and visual aids can be very useful in drawing the attention of viewers. It’s a psychological tool or trick that many people have learned how to use in show business, and despite being keyed into it a lot of folks are still drawn in by the sights that they might otherwise refuse to be fooled by. A show can remain popular so long as it knows the many tools and tricks to employ in order to keep their viewers watching and wanting more.

Due to the actors and the setting people are tend to be willing to ignore any negative aspects of the show.

You might roll your eyes and say ‘oh sure’ but the truth of it is that once people start to like something, anything, it usually takes a monumental effort for them to turn their backs and forget about the object of their desire. For instance, the actors on this show have had their fair share of troubles. There have been incidents that have been their fault or none of their doing, but people still watch. There have been things said, things done, and yet for all that people still want to watch. The willingness of a viewer to keep watching a show and disregard anything negative that they hear about a show or its actors has to do with the fact that the media tends to exasperate a lot of ‘facts’ and will highlight many others in order to draw people’s attention to what they think is hard-hitting news. The unfortunate part of this is that even if the people do tend to listen to such news they’ll still be more likely to watch the show even with a jaded opinion than they will be to turn their back on it.

One very big reason why anyone continues to watch any show these days is that it becomes habit. Hawaii Five-0 is indeed a worthwhile show and has proven this throughout the years, but its popularity has hit a few snags here and there. Thankfully the fans either don’t care about any of the issues that have come along, or they’re willing to turn a blind eye to them.

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