How The Show ‘Siren’ Paints Mermaids In A Completely New Way

When the majority of people in our society today think of mermaids, they think of beautiful, undersea creatures that are half fish, half human. They think of gentle and kind creatures who collect treasures, sing, dance, and swim around with their fishy friends. Sounds magical, right? Well, that is because that is the family friendly version that has been created and passed around for a few decades now. In facet, if you have tuned into the new series ‘Siren’, which airs on Freeform, you will see mermaids in a whole new light. The series helps to show these mythical creatures in a darker and more twisted form, and in this article, we are going to give you the inside scoop of why the Freeform network decided to take the series in this direction. Let’s get started.

1. True To Form

Believe it or not, mermaids and sirens actually take this darker form in their original stories and legends that have been passed around for hundreds of years. Forget the singing and happy-go-lucky mermaids that we have been so familiar with for decades now; Sirens are known to be more dangerous creatures, who use their power and mysteriousness to lure in humans. While siren legends from ancient times do tell stories of creatures who use their beautiful songs to entice other creatures, they are not for merriment and wonder like you would see in the days of Disney. Their legends often refer to mermaids who use their powers to shipwreck sailors along the sea, both to protect their waters and for other pleasures as well. Their powers also included the ability to create powerful storms, which in turn also helped them to get sailors out of their waters.

2. What The Show Itself Is About

If you are interested in tuning into the new series to see it for yourself, we’ll give you a bit of a rundown of what you can expect. ‘Siren’ centers around the coastal town of Bristol Cove, where it was once believed that mermaids resided. That is where we meet Ryn, who is a siren that has made her way on land and has enticed the likings of a marine biologist named Ben. We often see Ryn trying to learn the ways of humans in her new setting, and also working to find her sister who was captured by the military in the area. The series has many episodes that follow deeper and darker themes, such as global warming and other environmental issues that plague our world today.

3. Why Go Down This Storytelling Route?

You may be wondering why the execs for the series ‘Siren’ decided to take this perspective when creating a show about mermaids, but it is pretty easy to spot. In our day in age, many viewers, especially younger audiences, are captivated by the darker versions of mythological stories that we have heard so many times before. Seeing these creatures take true form, while also telling a story that is filled with suspense and thrill, makes for excellent television. There has been some criticism regarding the series, as with many shows that are on the air; There are some that feel that the series overplays the drama a bit, and that it is a little too quirky of a show for audiences today. However, the series did get renewed for a second season, so the execs at Freeform must be doing something right.

Whether you prefer the darker and more twisted version of mermaids (as originally told for many years), or the more happy go lucky, PG rated version of the creatures from your childhood, it is clear that ‘Siren’ has made quite an impact on the legend itself for all of its viewers. With their creepier demeanor, and enticing powers, it is now question as to why it is fascinating to see these creatures cast in a new light. The show has seemed to be a bit of a hit or miss for audience members all across the globe, but seeing as it did get renewed for another season, it might just be hear to stay for quite some time. You can tune in to watch both seasons of ‘Siren’ on Freeform, as well as read up on your Greek mythology on sirens themselves online.

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