How the WWE Can Pull off One More Hulk Hogan Wrestlemania Match

Hulk Hogan

There was a time when everyone would have agreed that Hulk Hogan needs just one more match to go down in WWE history as one of the greatest legends ever. Well, people might still say that he’s one of the biggest legends to ever step into the wring, but the Hulkster, according to Michael Kennedy of ScreenRant, wants one last hurrah on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. The only trick is that he has a very narrow window in which this can happen since Hogan is in his late 60s now and isn’t in the greatest of shape since time and his own body haven’t been too kind to him throughout the years. He’s due to undergo another back surgery eventually and even if he comes through okay it’s iffy to say that he’ll be medically cleared to step in the ring again. That signature leg drop takes a lot more out of him these days and given his age and physical condition just one of them could easily put him out of commission if something went wrong. Plus there’s the idea of just who he would fight, though there is one person he has in mind.

Hogan has actually stated that he would like to wrestle his former boss Vince McMahon one last time, but it’s not too likely that this would happen. First off, Vince is in his 70s and despite being good shape for a man his age, you can imagine that taking such a risk isn’t really in his best interest at this time. On top of that, neither Vince or Hogan have done more than step into the ring for years, meaning neither one of them has wrestled in some time. Whatever hits and falls you’ve seen them take since their last matches are pretty calculated and have been part of one story line or another, but their wrestling days have been put behind them, or are at the very least not advised at this point and time. Back in the day, perhaps a decade or so ago, Vince would still step in the ring with the talent and get down and dirty with some of them, but as he’s continued to get older those days have taken a back seat to his role as the aging but still cantankerous boss of the WWE. The days when he used to step into the ring with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and even the Undertaker are pretty much gone. As Brandon Stroud of Uproxx would agree with, Hogan isn’t advised to step into the ring with thoughts of wrestling on his mind. Despite his bulk and impressive physique for a man his age he’s just not fit enough to take the physical punishment.

The idea has been floated for Hogan to go up against John Cena, who’s been known to carry those that need it through a match at times, and has been seen as the Hogan of his own era, the hero in other words that has sought to build the company up and place it on his shoulders. Cena hasn’t really been seen on the show all that much in the recent past and almost seems to be distancing himself from the WWE, so it could be another dream match much like the ones that Hogan had with the Rock a while back, a fitting sendoff for a legend that’s been marred by a couple of different scandals but still loves the business enough to want one last match to finally say a proper goodbye. It’d be kind of a wonder though if this would be goodbye finally since a lot of aging, retired wrestlers have stayed on throughout the years in order to keep their names relevant and possibly keep their paychecks rolling in since if, like Scott Baird of ScreenRant, you’ve gone behind the scenes in the WWE you might find that only the top earners are that well off and those that retire either need something they can move towards or they simply fade off, go back to the independent circuit, or end up working the average 9 to 5 job and will make guest appearances every now and then. The world of wrestling isn’t as kind to its stars as people might think unless they can prove beyond a shadow of any doubt that they’re valuable to the company in some way when their time in the ring is done.

Over the years Hulk Hogan’s name has been on the lips of many fans since back in the 80s he helped to cement his own legacy and that of the WWE’s by being one of the most popular wrestlers of his time. To think that he’s owed at least one more match is an idea that’s not too hard to get behind. But unless he’s medically cleared it won’t matter who he wants to face, as the company isn’t ready to ruin one of its legends in an accident that could have been prevented.

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