How to Complete Week 10 Seasonal Challenges in Destiny 2

destiny 2 week 10 challenges

The final set of seasonal challenges in Destiny 2 is here for Season of the Chosen. It feels like it’s been forever since these challenges began, and they’ve been a solid addition to the game, in my opinion. Sure, the rewards aren’t all that spectacular, but for completing these objectives each week (and for the duration of the Season after they release), you can get a whole lot of XP, Bright Dust, as well as seasonal weapons, all for just playing the game and completing certain objectives. I’d say this is a more than fair addition to the game, especially since they’ve now taken the place of Weekly Bounties, and eliminate most of that “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out). I’m really happy with what Bungie has done with these challenges, especially because it gives players something to do for most of the season – it gives a short bit of chase, which is better than nothing. So what exactly do you need to do to complete the Week 10 seasonal challenges for Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2?

…The Harder They Fall

In order to complete …The Harder They Fall, you’ll need to defeat Elite or Boss Cabal in the Proving Grounds strike. How many Elite or Boss Cabal will you need to defeat, you ask? It should be pretty easy to manage, as you’ll only need to defeat a total of 20 Elite or Boss Cabal to finish this challenge. Once completed, you will receive some seasonal XP that you can use to increase your rank in the Season Pass for Season of the Chosen.

Lenses in Focus

One feature that was fairly popular in Season of Arrivals was the ability to find and create Umbral Engrams. This feature has since returned to us with Season of the Chosen, but with a bit of a twist. In order to craft most of these more advanced Umbral Engrams, you’ll need to complete objectives to unlock lenses; these objectives range from getting ability kills, to kills with specific weapons – it mostly just revolves around kills with specific weapons or abilities. To complete the Lenses in Focus challenge, you’ll need to go to the Prismatic Recaster in the H.E.L.M. and discover how to unlock more lenses. We’ve seen this challenge before, but this time it looks like you’ll need to unlock every single available lens for this season, for a total of 15 lenses. After you complete this challenge, you’ll obtain some more seasonal XP.

Warrior from Beyond

In order to complete the Warrior from Beyond challenge, you’ll need to defeat combatants with elemental final blows in strikes. This one may seem pretty daunting when you find out that you need to defeat a total of 300 enemies with elemental damage, but it’s fairly simple if you just shred through all of your enemies with a high-RPM weapon. You can also earn bonus progress if you defeat combatants with Stasis, but that limits you to using only your Stasis abilities (and maybe Salvation’s Grip, but I do not recommend trying to deal damage with this thing). Once you complete this challenge, you’ll be rewarded with a bunch (double, in fact!) of seasonal XP and Bright Dust to help you with your cosmetic purchases in the Eververse store!

Explosive Conclusions

Completing the Explosive Conclusions seasonal challenge in Destiny 2 might take a little longer than most, considering you’ll have to defeat combatants with a Rocket Launcher or grenades anywhere in the system. On top of needing to use a Rocket Launcher or grenades to defeat these enemies, you’ll need to defeat a total of 600 of them. However, you can again earn bonus progress by rapidly defeating these enemies, as well as for defeating Cabal, so it shouldn’t be too awful. Completing this challenge will earn you double XP.

In Your Element

Next up, we’ve got what most will say is the worst seasonal challenge in Destiny 2 history (yes, that includes Gambit challenges!) In order to complete the In Your Element challenge, you’ll need to defeat a total of 80 Guardians, but not just Guardians anywhere – you’ll need to defeat 80 Guardians in Iron Banner. You’ll earn bonus progress for Stasis takedowns, which is both a blessing and a curse, because now that people have seen this, you’ll be going up against most likely Stasis Guardians exclusively (as if Iron Banner wasn’t already filled with them, though, let’s be honest). So, yeah, not only do you have to defeat 80 Guardians in Iron Banner, you’ve only got a week to do it as Iron Banner only comes around once a month, and Season of the Chosen ends next month. So, get to it, Guardians!

Master of All

Finally, for the last weekly challenge in Season of the Chosen, we’ve got the Master of All. There’s no additional objective to complete for this one, you just have to complete 75 Seasonal Challenges during Season of the Chosen. After that, you’ll earn a large Bright Dust pile, and you can finally be free of these seasonal challenges….until next season.

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