How to Get Weapon Blueprints in Anthem

Anthem is out and is humming. As a result, there is now a fair amount of information about it that can be found by interested individuals. In particular, Anthem players might want to check out various ways to secure more blueprints, which is important because like their name suggests, blueprints let them make both equippables and consumables out of crafting materials. Since making the strongest and shiniest exosuits make up a big part of Anthem‘s appeal, this makes securing more blueprints pretty important to say the least. Fortunately, securing blueprints is pretty simple and straightforward for the most part, as shown by these methods:

Raise Faction Loyalty

One method for securing blueprints would be raising faction loyalty. However, since there is more than one way to raise faction loyalty, interested individuals might want to familiarize themselves with the full list of options that are available to them. First, there is the option of speaking with the various characters that can be found in the central HUB. This isn’t a very efficient way for raising faction loyalty, but since it has other benefits such as making various missions available, it is nonetheless something that players should be doing every few missions or so. Second, completing missions for characters is an excellent method for raising that particular character’s faction loyalty, which makes a lot of intuitive sense. Third, it should be mentioned that it is possible to get faction loyalty from limited-time world events, meaning that interested individuals might want to get them done sooner rather than later so that they won’t miss out on any of the potential rewards. Fourth, players can get faction loyalty by just performing various tasks as a normal part of their game-play, which means exploring new places as Freelancers, collecting Crafting Nodes for Sentinels, and collecting notes and various miscellaneous items for Arcanists.

Complete Challenges

It is interesting to note that Anthem rewards players for using particular equippables by providing them with blueprints for more equippables of the same kind. What happens is that when the player uses something that they have equipped, they can unlock various challenges for it. By completing these challenges, interested individuals will be able to unlock more equippables of the same kind, thus making for a pretty natural sort of progression in Anthem. Generally speaking, these challenges are pretty simple and straightforward in nature, so much so that interested individuals should be able to complete most of them by just playing through the game in the way that they have become accustomed to doing so. However, if they want to maximize their efficacy and efficiency when it comes to securing new blueprints, it should be a pretty fast matter for them to look up the conditions so that they can plan their missions for smoother completion than otherwise possible.

Get Masterwork Weapons

People who have their eyes set on the top should start thinking about masterwork weapons, which are pretty much exactly what they sound like. For those who want to get blueprints for masterwork items, they should know that they are going to need to get a hold of those masterwork weapons beforehand. Once they have done so, they will be able to complete a challenge, thus enabling them to get a hold of the blueprint for the masterwork weapon.

How Can You Get the Necessary Crafting Materials?

Of course, interested individuals won’t be able to get much use out of their blueprints without the necessary crafting materials to turn them into both equippables and consumables. Fortunately, picking up crafting materials is something that will happen on an automatic basis. Unfortunately, that might not be enough for people who really, really enjoy crafting.

As such, Anthem players should keep three things in mind. First, they should make sure to loot absolutely everything because a little inconvenience in the short term can save them a long of frustration in the long run. Second, they can dismantle equippables to get some crafting materials out of them, thus providing them with a solid use out of stuff that they no longer need. Third, if that still isn’t enough, there is always the time-honored tradition of just buying the crafting materials at what are admittedly pretty expensive prices, meaning that this option is best used to fill in small shortfalls.

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