How to Live with Your Parents 1.05 Sneak Peeks: Elaine and Max Babysit Natalie


how to live with your parentsPolly’s decision to move back home with Elaine and Max didn’t just put a damper on her parents’ freespirited lifestyle or force her to face years of disappointments that left her in a place she didn’t want to be. It also really impacted Natalie, who had to adjust to a household with only one parent as well as living in a new place and not seeing her father as much as she used to. While Polly and Julian managed to help her feel better about the new arrangement last week on How to Live with Your Parents, Polly still can’t help but feel guilty about all the change she’s forced on her daughter.

Her guilt has extended to her personal life, as Scott wants to go out again and she doesn’t know if she should accept his invitation, since Natalie needs quite a bit of attention right now. Not content with letting their daughter wallow and deprive herself of a good time, Elaine and Max encourage her to enjoy herself and life her life and they’ll watch Natalie for the day. Polly reluctantly agrees and her parents take their granddaughter out for a day of fun, only to get bored and leave her with a goat at a local fair. Of course, they tie a pink balloon around her wrist so they can keep track of her while doing what they want to do, but Elaine and Max just aren’t used to having to watch a child. As it turns out, the hands off way they raised Polly doesn’t work as well in 2013, so if they plan to keep spending time with their granddaughter, they’re going to have to tighten things up, if even a bit.

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Should Polly be thinking about dating right now? If so, is Scott the type of guy she should be going out with? Will Elaine and Max lose Natalie while they’re off enjoying themselves?

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