How to Live with Your Parents 1.07 Sneak Peeks: Polly Gets a Second Job


how to live with your parentsPolly moved home with the intention of only staying a short while. She was dealing with the stress of the divorce and having to find a steady place to raise Natalie, so the lure of built-in babysitters Max and Elaine (and their big, beautiful house) proved too much to pass up. However, as time has went on, she’s began feeling guilty about not pulling her own weight around said beautiful house, so on the next episode of How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), Polly has decided to get a second job and begin contributing monthly rent.

But the second job wasn’t exactly her first option. Polly thought that her bank account was more robust that it turned out to be, as Max and Elaine had been keeping her afloat for quite some time, so it’s goodbye well-meaning (but lazy) gesture and hello second job. Polly gets a position tending bar at a local establishment and adds that much more chaos and stress into her life; it was quite an adjustment to move Natalie in the first place, let alone get two jobs that keep her away from her daughter most of the time. Is this going to be the way things are from now on? Or will Polly figure out a happy medium between being all that she can be and not feeling like an absentee mother?

Elsewhere on How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), Julian takes inspiration from Elaine, who tells him of the lengths Max went to in order to fulfill his dreams. Julian’s dream, you ask? Zombie survivor fantasy camp, which he’s helping to pay for by subletting his apartment.

How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) airs tonight at 9:30 on ABC.

How will Polly react to her father telling her that he’s proud of her? Will she be able to work two jobs and take care of Natalie? Is Julian silly for making a zombie survivor fantasy camp his dream?

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