Huge Harry Potter vs. Star Wars Fight Goes Hilariously Wrong

Potter Star Wars

Hardcore fans of Star Wars or Harry Potter might laugh at this or get a bit angry or get somewhere in between since honestly it’s pretty funny. The idea of who would win in a full-on brawl between the Star Wars cast and that of Harry Potter is an interesting question that usually gets left as a one on one basis, but every now and then people wonder how things would turn out if it was a free for all that pitted multiple characters against one another. Of course when you take into account the only ones really qualified to take on the wizards would be the Jedi and the Sith you can see how the field would narrow considerably since Han, Leia, and even Chewie would find themselves outmatched and overwhelmed pretty quickly. When it comes down to it the weaker wizards would likely fall first, and whether people want to believe it or not, Ron would likely find himself falling hard against the heavy hitters in the Star Wars universe.

It’s fun to think about who would take on who in this battle since Harry would, unfortunately, fall to just about anyone since there has been a death battle in which he’s taken on Luke Skywalker and lost. This might be due to more fan theory and favoritism than anything, but the point is that the wizards are not combat experts, and the Jedi and Sith are taught how to fight from a distance as well as up close. When was the last time you saw Hogwarts teaching their students the martial arts? Wouldn’t you think it might be a useful elective, just in case they lost or damaged their wand? A lot of people might say of course it wouldn’t, but against warriors that are trained how to fight in hand to hand, armed, and distance combat, the wizards of Harry Potter don’t stand much of a chance unless they’re of high rank and experience. Even Voldemort wouldn’t last against Vader as many people like to think, but it seems evident that some folks happen to believe that Dumbledore would take Vader down.

The TIE fighter would easily take out the flying car, though the fact that the Death Star shows up means that everyone’s pretty much toast since the space station has enough firepower to take out a planet and there isn’t a spell in the repertoire of any wizard that’s going to stop such a thing. And even if it does? Well they’re still going to lose since their stable footing just got obliterated. The point is that Star Wars has the superior firepower and technology that doesn’t allow for a spell or combined spells to take it out, and the franchise has the numbers when it comes to combatants to take down the significantly smaller group of those from the Potterverse that would stand in opposition. It’s easy to laugh a bit at this since we’re talking about fictitious characters beating the living hell out of each other, but from the standpoint of a fan the Potterverse can contend at the box office, kind of, and in the merchandise department, certainly, but overall the characters simply don’t have the kind of power that Star Wars has been functioning with for a long time now. An average Jedi can take down an average wizard, and a master Jedi could definitely take down an experienced wizard since the hangup that many people seem to be stuck on is preparation.

If neither opponent had any prep time or had any inkling of what they were facing in the other, the Jedi or Sith would still have the advantage as the Force would no doubt give them some idea that the opponent they were facing was dangerous somehow. Then there’s the fact that the Force acts as an early warning system at times, granting its many users the chance to move out of harm’s way and move much quicker than any other human being. A curse might be lethal in Potter’s world, but it can’t kill or maim what it can’t hit, and any spell that simply wounds a Sith is bound to backfire since Sith tend to take that pain and turn it into power, and even the Jedi have ways to dampen the pain and push onward when others would crumble. In other words, the wizards of the Potterverse are simply not going to be able to take on the Jedi or the Sith in prolonged battle without prep time, and even then some of them might fold quickly since their power simply isn’t enough to withstand the Force. It was a funny fight to watch, and the confirmation of Dumbledore being gay was something that a lot of fans already know since Rowling hasn’t made this much of a secret in recent years, or since the last movie came out really.

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