10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hunter Avallone

Some might call him an angry person, others a right-wing nut, and some might see him as something of a wise man that speaks his mind and gets in trouble for it on occasion. But one thing is certain and that’s the fact that Hunter Avallone is not quite as nutty as a lot of people think, though there are times when his rhetoric needs to be toned down just a bit it would seem. Just like anyone with strong beliefs he tends to say things that upset folks now and again, but like a lot of folks his convictions allow him to push through and provide a YouTube show that people have actually locked onto and believe in wholeheartedly. The things he says are pretty inflammatory at times and it’s likely that even his listeners don’t always agree with him but he does manage to TALK to people rather than shout them down, meaning he’s at the very least one of the calmer individuals that might make you want to tear your hair out.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Hunter.

10. He has a massive number of followers.

Hunter has gathered hundreds of thousands of followers that tend to watch his videos on a regular basis and are at least willing to listen to most of his rhetoric since he does seem to make sense sometimes, though he does tend to show bias now and again.

9. As of 2017 he became an atheist.

There might be a definite reason for this but it could be something very personal that he hasn’t been willing to disclose. Everyone’s able to believe the way they want after all and whether a person agrees with it or not isn’t all that important.

8. A lot of his videos are deemed as controversial.

He does happen to go into detail on a lot of subjects such as transgenderism, the LGBTQ+ community, fat acceptance, and several other subjects that some folks tend to think are not worth pursuing in such a manner.

7. He was kicked off of YouTube for a short while, seemingly without any solid reason.

His channel was shut off for a short period of time without being given the adequate number of chances to change his material, which is a big no-no when it comes to freedom of speech. While Hunter isn’t always friendly to those that he talks about he’s still afforded the same right so long as he’s not inciting a riot or violence towards others. His channel was returned eventually.

6. Surprisingly his social media presence isn’t as big as you would think.

Given that he’s more prominent on YouTube it isn’t hard to believe but you would almost expect his following on social media would be a little more extensive since people are more than willing to follow his channel and agree with him on many points.

5. He’s commonly known as ‘the guy you love to hate’.

A few YouTubers have actually taken to calling Hunter out for his material and have made their own videos to try and debunk his views and opinions. The major problem with this is that eventually it becomes rather juvenile since quite honestly it’s like two kids fighting in a sandbox.

4. Hunter has been known to attend Pride parades and other rallies to offer a dissenting opinion.

He’s not exactly shy about attending parades being held by those that are opposed to his views. The downside of this is that it does make him look like a bit petty, but on the upside he doesn’t go to cause trouble, but instead tries to find out more about the event and possibly get the point of view of those that oppose him. Yes, he does tend to push his own ideas a bit, but he never gets violent or even aggressive, unlike a few of those that seem as though they’d like to forcibly remove him.

3. He keeps his private life well away from his professional life most times.

This is probably wise given that he has a lot of views that a  good number of people don’t really agree with. So far in his YouTube career he’s kept things as separate as possible and has done fairly well in being seen on the screen but being less of a presence when he’s not voicing his views.

2. Hunter is a father.

He did become a father a while back and unfortunately he and his girlfriend had already split. But it does seem that Hunter is doing the right thing and trying to be in his daughter’s life as much as possible.

1. His net worth is kind of impressive really.

He’s worth close to half a million if not a little more, which shouldn’t be surprising as a YouTuber, but is still worth an eyebrow raise.

You might not like him or agree with him but Hunter is someone that speaks his mind all the same.

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