If The Force Could be Used in Real Life, Here’s What it Would Look Like

Just imagine if you could actually use the Force as it’s seen in the Star Wars movies and series, now imagine how it would work if people figured out how to use it for things that aren’t practical. It’s very fair to say that it would make us a little lazier than we’ve already become in a lot of ways since being able to summon things to hand without needing to move as much would definitely be advantageous for a lot of people and it would no doubt be nice for those with limited mobility. But it’s also easy to think that the Force would come with its fair share of abuses that would be used by a lot of people since, let’s face it, the more power that is given to some folks, the more they’ll use it in ways that it wasn’t meant for. It’s likely that a lot of people would say ‘no it wouldn’t’ and claim that any perceived problems might be non-existent, but think about those that don’t have the same moral parameters as others, and then think what might be possible if they were granted Force powers that allowed them to do pretty much whatever they wanted.

The words Force choke, Force lighting, Force push, and many others aren’t exactly uplifting when thinking about the state of the nation at this point since images of protesters being able to do what they wanted with the Force is kind of unnerving really. Plus, thinking that a person with the use of the Force would only use it for mundane purposes is a little naive when it’s easy to think that a lot of people might think of heading to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to twist the odds in their favor. Some might even want to consider using Force suggestion to make their life a little easier by convincing others to simply pay their way and not make them earn it. There are a lot of different applications that the Force could be used for, but there are also a couple of positive things that it might help with. Force heal, for instance, might actually be kind of nice since it could be used as an effective method that’s also non-invasive, and even Force suggestion can be used in a positive way since it doesn’t always have to be subversive. The Force could be used in a lot of different ways to de-escalate matters throughout the world that might otherwise grow out of control, as they already have, but it feels as though this could be something humanity just isn’t ready for since the likelihood of anyone abusing it is simply too great.

It’s definitely cool to think about it and wonder what might happen if Force-sensitives were a thing, but at the same time, it’s problematic since it feels safe to say that without someone that could guide such individuals through childhood and puberty, it’s likely that a temper tantrum with a Force-sensitive could be a very dangerous thing. Plus, if anyone that was born with the Force and serious mental or personality issues decided to simply cut loose it could be just as bad. In other words, there are things that are way better off being fictional and a part of the movies than being possible in real life, since the reality is that humanity isn’t ready for anything that could be even worse than what we already have. It’s easy to see how the Force is such a destructive part of the Star Wars universe while still being seen as something that’s vital and utterly important to the Jedi and the Sith, but thinking of putting it in just anyone’s hands is even worse given that a lot of us thinking about the Force and how it might be used could likely come up with a great number of ways, both good and bad. It might not speak of a lot of faith in humanity, but it definitely speaks of the practicality that comes from knowing what humans can and will do sometimes. The Force would be a dangerous tool to put in the hands of those that aren’t always responsible enough to handle such power, especially since a lot of people are of the mind that it would likely backfire and become a bigger problem than it needs to be.

But people can dream all the same since it would be nice to have something to use when it’s absolutely needed, no matter that some folks would use it as an excuse to exert their will upon others. For practical uses, it’s still better to actually get up, walk to what one needs, and retrieve it, but the Force would offer a very easy way to do things. But then, things aren’t always supposed to be easy.

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