If The Princess Bride Gets Rebooted Then I’m Quitting Everything

Dramatic as that might sound it’s hard to think that The Princess Bride, which has stood as a classic for so long, would ever be subjected to the indignity of a reboot. I agree with Marianne Garvey of CNN that this movie is just fine as it is, and the reboot nation needs to look elsewhere, or better yet, simmer down and simply stop with the nonsense. Some folks might say to grow up and accept that life moves on and we need to refurbish things now and again, but….no, no we don’t. Some things stand the test of time and don’t need to be meddled with, and this movie is one of them. So I won’t quit writing, and Cary Elwes likely won’t quit acting, if this happens, but you can bet that there will be a lot of backlash towards however decides to take this project on since messing with the classics is becoming a common practice these days, much as toddlers smashing anything they get their hands on in their quest to learn more about the world is common. In other words, reboots and remakes are killing the classics and it needs to stop. ORIGINALITY, that’s the word that Hollywood needs to have pasted to each and every studio wall, and perhaps it’s even necessary to schedule courses for it as well. Too many filmmakers and studios seem to be getting a little too comfortable when it comes to making and remaking the same movies over and over again, as it almost feels as though we might be stuck in a loop that continues to recycle anything and everything from the past without allowing for a refreshing or innovative thought that can push the movie industry forward.

Yeah, that’s a bit dramatic since there are new ideas out there and they have been at least trying to push through the weeds and brambles of the remakes and reboots in order to be seen. But the idea that a formula is good after the thousandth time without any variation is killing the industry slowly but surely as people are being brainwashed by the idea that what worked then will work now. In essence we’re all being convinced to line up and just accept whatever pap and dreck they’re shoveling as Oscar-worthy and somehow visually stunning when we’ve seen it all before. The Princess Bride was not a perfect movie, I know, let the shock of that settle before reading further. It had its flaws here and there, just like any movie, but overall it was a movie that, as kids, we all fully enjoyed. Even as an adult it’s easy to enjoy this movie since it offers up a wide array of elements that kids might not fully understand but adults can surely appreciate. According to Hoai-Tran Bui of SlashFilm things are still in the talking phase, but it’s a big hope of many that they don’t go any further than this.

This is one time when Twitter users, as mentioned by Doha Madani of ABC News, are right to be outraged since the movie is one of those that simply doesn’t need to be touched or revisited in any way since from the cast to the setting to the story, in other words from soup to nuts, it was as perfect as it could possibly be. If ever there was a movie that people were going to stand up almost as one and claim was just fine the way it was, this is it, and so far people have been doing just that. There are bound to be plenty of folks that don’t care or would tell the lot of us to grow up since everything has to change eventually, but those are typically the people that didn’t like the movie or didn’t watch it and therefore aren’t really aware of the cultural influence that this film has had throughout the years. Yes it sounds childish, yes it sounds a bit naive, but that’s from one perspective. When you take into account how much pop culture really affects the world we live in you might come to understand why changing it around so often can be such a huge drag on so many people. Pop culture is one of the many things that drives this world and its many different people since it’s a pleasing escape from reality that we all need from time to time. Whether a person believes it or not their lives are changed in some way, either directly or indirectly, by pop culture at some point. It’s something we don’t get away from that easily since it’s pervasive in a very positive, and sometimes negative manner.

But in this case there’s nothing positive about remaking or rebooting The Princess Bride since it still stands as one of the best movies ever made.

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