If The Stars are Aligned We Could See a Social Network 2

If the right moves are made and the things happen just the way they need to it could happen that the Social Network 2 could happen. It would take bringing Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher back, and it would probably require bringing back several of the cast members, but it’s not an impossibility that such a thing could happen. The reason behind this is pretty simple since it’s the same reason that a lot of people want to see it in the first place. The emergence of Facebook was huge to be certain, but everything that’s happened afterward is definitely worth another story since from its inception to the current moment, Facebook has seen a fair share of controversy as well as success. Mark Zuckerberg, despite being one of the richest men in the world, has seen his ups and downs, and his creation is a big reason for a lot of them in the past several years since many still believe that Facebook had some part in the 2016 elections that a lot of folks still want to talk about. With all that goes into Facebook and everything that it has gone through in terms of changes, challenges, and everything in between, there’s more than enough material to make another movie, but where it might start and where it would end is hard to say since there’s no telling just how long this network will last at this point since millions of people use it and even those that don’t know enough about it to know why they want nothing to do with it.

When the subject of how many people get on Facebook per day and how many are active per hour comes up it’s enough to give a person a headache just trying to think of how many people come and so often. Facebook has long since become something that people check on a daily basis, update every few minutes sometimes, and share just about anything and everything they can with each other. It’s become a way for people to stay close when divided by geographical distance, but it’s also become a way for people to debate without having to be right next to others so as to avoid any possible rejection or embarrassment. In other words, it’s an introvert’s best friend since many people can say whatever they want from the safety of their computer and without being dumb enough to give out their personal information, many of them can sit content that no one will ever be able to find them unless they put their address on their profile, or forget to keep it locked from those they don’t want to see. It’s the perfect way to act tough and say what you want without having to suffer the repercussions.

The second movie would likely focus on the hearing that saw Mark Zuckerberg sitting in front of Congress, looking for all the world as if he had no idea why he was there. Jesse Eisenberg doesn’t feel like the kind of guy that would be humbled before Congress, even in a movie, as much of his acting focuses on him being a little too superior at times, even when he’s supposed to be acting uncertain and unsure of himself. Anyone that wants to say that Zuckerberg looked one hundred percent confident and in any way superior while speaking to Congress might need to watch the footage again since there were several times when he appeared to be less than certain of what he wanted to say. This would still be a huge moment in cinema if such a movie is bound to be on the way at some point since it could likely tell another story of Facebook that many would want to see and say a great many things that would be popular and unpopular alike. It is interesting to think of what direction the sequel could go in since there are a few ways that Facebook could be portrayed, but likely as not it would be seen as it is now, a social network that is there for the benefit of all, even if a lot of people that still use it don’t trust it that much. Over the years it’s been seen that Facebook has not always had the faith of the people, and yet it’s still been able to keep a lot of folks happy and content enough to stick with it.

If this movie does happen it could take a while since getting the right people to work on it could take time and a good deal of effort. It’s likely that if everything lines up the way it needs to that it will, but until then people can keep thinking of what it would look like and what might happen in the movie.

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