Why It’s Impossible To Feel Bad for Kathy Griffin

It’s too easy for a celebrity to go on TV and claim in a heartfelt way that they’re sorry for something reprehensible that they’ve done. Let’s keep in mind that a lot of them are actors and make a good living, much better than the average citizen, at displaying emotions that some might believe are genuine. That being said, only staunch fans of comedienne Kathy Griffin would likely believe that she has any kind of remorse for the image that has landed her in such hot water. She has gone on TV to apologize and has been blowing up Twitter trying to make it known that she is irrevocably sorry for her actions and the image of the severed head of the POTUS that she put on the web. Since then the image has been taken down and Griffin has been suffering the backlash of her actions in a manner that she may or may not have expected.

So why are so many people not being fooled by her apology?

She seemed all too proud of the image she was presenting. 

During a short blurb that was shot during the incident Griffin went on to state that she and celebrity photographer Tyler Shields are not afraid to produce images that make noise. That sounds a lot like she was fully aware of what she was doing and what the possible backlash could be. You don’t walk up to dog you know is mean enough to bite and kick them Kathy, that’s what you call your standard, grade-A moron that’s actively seeking attention of some type.

Trump and his family are “ruining her life” following the photo scandal.

Yes, when you ruthlessly mock someone, even someone that’s morally reprehensible like the current POTUS, there is bound to be some backlash. As far as ruining her life, Kathy is less than believable considering that 1) she’s not in jail, 2) is getting more attention now than she has in years, and 3) could have simply apologized when she got called out instead of standing up to fight. You don’t need to be as bad as your opposition in order to make your point be heard. Kathy Griffin saw the line and didn’t just step over it, she vaulted over that sucker into new and decidedly dangerous territory. When you messing with the nastiest rats in the pile you’re bound to get bitten a time or two.

Despite her losses she’s going to keep on messing with Trump.

Okay so a lot of us can admit that ripping on Trump is pretty funny. But if she’s going to keep going ahead with it then she should be expecting to lose a lot more than she already has. She’s lost her spot on the CNN New Year’s Eve program, she’s lost endorsements, and she’s lost several standup gigs simply because she’s seen as a problematic PERSON right now, not just a woman. Her gender has almost nothing to do with it, what has the most to do with is that she held up a bloodied, severed head that was a simulation of the current POTUS. Did she expect anything different to happen?

Keep on with the crocodile tears Kathy, you’re only fooling your fans.


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