Incredible Ghost in the Shell Cosplay Based on the Trailer

We’re still over two weeks away from the release date of Ghost in the Shell but the marketing for the film is on full blast.  Scarlett Johansson has been on a media tear and she’s also going to be hosting Saturday Night Live tonight.  Even her SNL promo was Ghost in the Shell themed.   It showed Scarlett preparing for her upcoming hosting gig but in a way that was simply “too dedicated.”  It was a vision of a tough silhouette type of Scarlett doing some strenuous training for the role.

While we continue to wait for the movie to come out, plenty of fans have been marketing for the film as well.  The studios must love this because free advertising is free advertising.  I just came across this incredible photoshoot that really went a step above and beyond.   It was submitted on Behance by Ilya Nodia who is from Moscow and it an extremely talented photographer.   His latest shoot shows a trailer version of Ghost in the Shell cosplay.  The accuracy here is unparalleled not to mention some of these shots would actually be kind of awesome for the movie itself.

There’s not detail on the models Ilya used but if anyone has any information it would be appreciated.  Check out the pics below:

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