Interesting Trailer Mashup of The Hobbit and Fury Road

Some of the mashups that are created by fans combining certain trailers are so well done that it’s kind of a desire to see what might happen if anyone did have the kind of ambition to slam two very popular stories together in a fan-made movie. One has to assume Hollywood would never do this since their reputation might take a humongous hit, but just for fun, to see how people react, it might be kind of interesting to see a hobbit and a group of dwarves take on someone like Immortan Joe and his group to see how things might shake out. Of course, the effect would probably be pretty messy since mixing magic with technology isn’t a brand new idea but it’s also something that can get a little confusing from time to time. In this instance, it would be kind of insane since the characters from The Hobbit would need a serious upgrade in order to be able to contend with Joe and his bunch, while those belonging to Fury Road might not know what to think about a group of dwarves that can fight back and likely kick the living snot out of them. One has to remember that the dwarves were definite fighters that could take on goblins, orcs, and pretty much anything else that was roughly their size or a couple of times bigger, especially since they’re used to fighting side by side and aren’t bound to see a suicide run as their one last shot at glory. In other words, I’d put good money on the dwarves, if they were able to get back up after a barrel ride from the pumps to the valley floor.

More mashups like this would be great to see as time goes on since there are plenty of movies that could be given this treatment and obviously the technology is good enough and those that are willing to do such a thing are getting a lot better at it. It might be interesting to try really since with the right eye for detail and the ability to put images in the right spot that would cause it to make sense, a person could easily make their own trailer and play with it a bit. Just think of how many narratives could be switched around simply because one person was placed in the same spot as the expected individual that people were thinking about. Instead of Max you get Bilbo, instead of several other characters you get the dwarves. That does sound like a lot of fun, but it sounds like a lot of work to since simply figuring out how to do this feels like it’s a lot more than just point, click, cut, paste, etc.

It would also be interesting to learn how this project came together since the thought process that had to take place in bringing The Hobbit and Mad Max: Fury Road together fels like something that could born out of boredom or could have been the result of something that was just crazy enough to catch the attention of the person thinking it. Despite being far removed from one another, both stories are filled with danger, have very strange antagonists, and plenty of action to go around a story that does get a little slow at times. Some might want to argue the point that Mad Max ever gets slow but there are moments when the story needs telling and the idea is that things do slow down a bit since the insane driving stunts and other bits of action aren’t the main point at that time. But if the slow points in Mad Max are easy to see then they’re open and glaring in The Hobbit, which is a little easier to understand given the tone of the story and the fact that Tolkien was definitely a writer that saw the importance of prose in his writing. Some people enjoy this immensely while others simply want to get through the page after page of exposition and get back to the action, which both stories have quite a bit of when it’s revealed. The Hobbit does feel as though a few things have been changed from the book to the movie, but the overall effect is something very impressive.

Mad Max is a story idea that many people fell in love with when a young Mel Gibson took the helm and continued on into The Road Warrior and even on toward ThunderDome. While the latter kind of fell flat in a few ways there were enough moments within the movie to make it great, and the fact that Max was such a popular character likely has a lot to do with the fact that it’s still mentioned from time to time. But putting these two together was definitely a win.

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